Found Footage Shows Spice Girls Drag Misogynist 90s Commercial Director


Prepare to relish some delicious vintage girl power. New footage has emerged of the Spice Girls laying into some creeps who were directing them in some particularly objectifying Polaroid ads.

The commercials are from the ’90s — you know, the last time anyone was really passionate about either the Spice Girls. Or Polaroid.

“Who was it, was it you? Why did you ask that? To have the cleavage show and the midriff show?” demands Scary Spice.

“It’s every man’s fantasy,” says some man.

“You’re a chauvinistic pig, it’s such an easy copout,” Ginger hollers back.

“Stop trying to look cool,” says Posh Spice, grabbing the man’s sunglasses.

“At this age, you should know better.” says Ginger. “What kind of example is that?”

Their stand seems to have been successful, because the final version of the ad depicts them without cleavage and without midriffs. Nevertheless, it’s a bit of a slut-shame — the premise is that they have just been kicked out of a religious school (or church? hard to tell) because of some probably-racy photos that they’ve taken.

Because this is the internet in 2016 and it is impossible to trust anyone, it is maybe possible that this footage was intentionally shot and leaked to drum up some interest in … what, exactly? The Spice Girls? Polaroid? It certainly has gotten us talking about them again, and when’s the last time that happened?