Four Gay Bullied Students Win Settlement From MN’s Anoka-Hennepin School District

·         Retains an expert consultant in the area of sex-based harassment to review the district’s policies and procedures concerning harassment;

·         Develops and implements a comprehensive plan for preventing and addressing student-on-student sex-based harassment at the middle and high schools;

·         Enhances and improves its training of faculty, staff and students on sex-based harassment;

·         Hires or appoints a Title IX coordinator to ensure proper implementation of the district’s sex-based harassment policies and procedures and district compliance with Title IX;

·         Retains an expert consultant in the area of mental health to address the needs of students who are victims of harassment;

·         Provides for other opportunities for student involvement and input into the district’s ongoing anti-harassment efforts;

·         Improves its system for maintaining records of investigations and responding to allegations of harassment;

·         Conducts ongoing monitoring and evaluations of its anti-harassment efforts; and

·         Submits annual compliance reports to the departments.