NY Fashion Week

Four Gay Fashion Designers And Their Boy-Toy Boyfriends

Marc Jacobs is notorious for serially dating PYTs (pretty young things). After a stint in rehab—and a full body transformation—he dated onetime escort Jason Preston (above left) who tattooed the designer’s name on his arm. After that relationship cooled, Jacobs was linked to hunky advertising executive Lorenzo Martone. It was hot and heavy by all accounts, with rumors of marriage proposals, but it allegedly ended in the summer of 2010—though Jacobs told Vogue, “We speak to each other, I don’t know, six times a day.” In December, Jacobs was seen courting Brazilian porn star Harry Louis (above right) in Paris, but that may have been a passing fancy.

Does Jacobs change hotties every season? No, but he does like to mix and match and go retro, apparently: He and Martone were seen together at a Fashion Week event Wednesday night.

Images via GPSBrasilia, Harry Louis