Four Incredible Videos From Cher’s “Dressed To Kill” Tour Opening Night

cher-tour-650-430 (1)Cher, the most fabulous liar on Earth, embarked on her “final” farewell tour in 2002. It was a historic moment in which gay men from all over the world (and a few straight women, probably) gobbled up tickets to lay claim to being “one of the lucky ones” in the audience for Cher’s last time on stage.

Thankfully, the incomparable 67-year-old entertainer was bluffing. She kicked off the North American leg of her 49-date “Dressed to Kill” tour last night in Phoenix (this one will be the last, she says). It was awesome.

This graceful diva may have been wearing things that “didn’t fit right,” and admittedly “couldn’t remember the words to two of her songs,” but she reportedly rocked the sold-out house with hits from her career spanning five decades better than most infant pop divas today ever will.

“If I fall on my ass, my shoes are slippery tonight. It’s not me,” she said. “It’s not drugs or drinking, as everybody on Twitter accuses me of… I’m kind of amazed anyone showed up. I thought, ‘Jesus Christ, they’re out there. What are they? Crazy?’”

Iconic. Timeless. Cher.

Head on over to Billboard for a full review.



“I know it’s cool to have a big ol’ ass booty. [Mine is] not that bad for my age. Kim Kardashian probably has a photo album of her ass.”


“Think Lady Gaga has safety pins on her dress? I don’t think so. Maybe just vomit. That was interesting.”


h/t Billboard

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  • tricky ricky

    I find the demands of queerty for our slavish devotion to geriatric divas to be disturbing.

  • Spike

    Awkward. I’m guessing the tour was supposed to be in support of the album which wasn’t exactly a hit and Women’s World, cringe. Staging looks somewhere between the Sonny & Cher TV Show, Gaga, and Kylie’s Aphrodite tour. Kylie did it best.

  • Horus 009

    There is nothing wrong with her appearl, i like it!
    I love those beautiful feather,and her performance dress
    ,a man is unable to understand

  • JLS

    It’s too funny to me because I am getting older too but I think this was the one tour that Cher shouldn’t have done.
    I don’t mind me getting old but I refuse to see Cher getting old. It was the first time I ever thought she was looking old. I still see her on her last tours Believe and Farewell Tour. But I won’t buy the
    DVD of this tour because I prefer to remember her as she was. There wasn’t a big hit to celebrate either. Not that she isn’t incredible for her age but
    we are just now getting to see stars from our generations that are getting old but not quite the same way as they used to. People used to look really old at fifty now they can approach 70 before they start looking old. That’s a big difference. I loved her when she was Sonny and Cher. And she and Bob Mackie were things that dreams were made of, but I am not sure I want to see her at 75 in those costumes LOL….
    We all get old. At some point we have to just say that USE to be me and move on. There is such a thing as age appropriate behavior. She may go on until she is 85 but I don’t want to see it, LOL, I have my own old face to look at. I believe in plastic surgery too but that also has a stopping point or you start to look like your man made and distorted. And it would be better to see the wrinkles than a plastic mask looking face. I wouldn’t have wanted to see Kathern Hepburn in a mini skirt either.
    It is life.

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