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Four Reasons Everyone, And We Mean Everyone, Should Be Welcome To Party With Us At Gay Bars



There has been a lot of talk lately of non-gays ruining gay bars: girls cockblocking their gay pals, straight men descending on the gal pals of the gay boys. Got it?

Yuri Kagan

Well, frankly, we don’t agree. While we do need gay social spaces, to be sure, isn’t it a sure a sign of progress that we can all mix and match? Life should be one huge rainbow party.

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Plus, we get why the straights like hanging with us. Gay bars are simply better. Despite the invasions of straight girls and their boys toys, this is still a little know secret outside of the queer ranks. And in the time of the ascendancy of Grindr and Scruff, we need to double down on our support for these invaluable community institutions, no matter the gender and sexual orientation of those who fill them up.

In that spirit, we asked fabulous Castro Barman Yuri Kagan, author of Vodka & Limelight, came up with four reasons gay bars are simply better than their non-gay counterparts…  

1. Cheap Booze


If you’re drinking on a budget, gay bars are where it’s at.

Macho jerks may assume that sissies just sip wine sprinters all day. Hahaha! Where else can you get two-for-one vodka drinks? Truth be told this may be partially accurate but we will also chase that bottle of wine with a bottle of vodka or bourbon if you got it. We aint picky.

Stroll on over to the gayborhood for a nightcap that has more bang for your buck (euphemism not intended). Which brings us to the next topic…

2. Sex, Sex, Sex


Everybody gets laid! Gay bars are where everyone gets a little something. I mean EVERYONE. Even the toothless, one-legged person! We guarantee there is some one out there who likes that type. Straight girls come out to gay bars thinking they will not get harassed for looking too good in their dresses. They “just want to dance.” Guess what?  Straight men are on to you and hiding in the shadow of every gay bar in this country. Besides, fewer girls in the crowd means less competition. Go get it straighties. Also as gay people we can be many things.

3. Be Yourself


We can be judgmental, sarcastic, funny, masculine, feminine, fat, skinny, into leather, into kink, vanilla, hetero or pretty much A-sexual–we have more than enough room for everyone. Race is pretty much irrelevant–or should be. Gay bars are one of the few places on earth that are not a zero sum game and where anything goes. Oh, and we have the hottest go-gos anywhere. Let’s face it. Where are you more likely to see hot dudes dancing in unbelievably tight outfits that for once leave no room for imagination? Outside of the NFL cheerleaders, there is Chip N’ Dales, the Thunder Down Under, and then of course fabulous gay bars!

4. Community


Yes, Grindr and Scruff can get you zero feet away for the cost of an Uber. But they don’t serve as an outlet for you and your colleagues or softball buddies. You might not meet the hottest guys in gay bars, but you get a sense of who the best guys are.

It’s also the place where we change the world. Want to chip in for that HIV charity? Help for Hillary? Fundraise for your buds in the softball league? Hit up your local gay watering hole. Chances are if they don’t already have a beer bust that donates, they will be open to working with your favorite cause. The fact that there are more straighties around, just brings you more networking and change creating opportunities.

Give back one shot at a time!

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