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Four Things We Want To See (And One We Definitely Don’t) From “Looking” Season Two

We’ve just finished digesting last week’s season one finale of Looking, and now that we know that HBO has greenlit a second season, we thought it would be the perfect time to start a discussion of what we’d like to see more of.

We could’ve written an entire piece asking for more of Russell Tovey‘s bangin’ backside, but we stay classy here at Queerty, so we’ve come up with four totally legitimate things we’d like to see from season 2.

And one thing we definitely don’t want to see.




1. More Lynn and Dom Lovin’

We are unabashed in our love for the Dom/Lynn storyline because it seems so unique. When was the last time you saw a romance between two men of a certain age portrayed at all, let alone with the depth and sensitivity given to this storyline? We definitely got a bit nervous when we heard that Scott Bakula had signed on to do a CBS pilot, but were relieved to find out that he will be returning to Looking.

So, how do Lynn and Dom move on from their incredible kiss on the season 1 finale? Seeing “daddy” Dom become the “boy” to 20 years his senior Lynn would be interesting, as would an exploration of his struggle to leave behind old behaviors. Wherever life is leading these two silver foxes, we want to see more of it, preferably with them heading there together. And maybe a sex scene for all the DILF-hunters out there.




2. Who Is Richie?

Fresh-faced or scruffy, everyone loves Raul Castillo. His Richie is arguably the heart of the series, and nobody was happier than we were when he was upped to series regular for season 2, but what does that mean? At this point, Richie is more or less relegated to playing off of Patrick, but what Castillo has done with the character has earned Richie some deeper exploration outside of that relationship.

We found ourselves wondering multiple times during the season who this sweet, sensitive soul who got mixed up with wishy-washy Patrick is. What does he really want? How would he interact in a relationship with someone other than Patrick? Does he have dreams beyond cutting hair and bouncing at a club, or are relationships more important to him than stereotypical career success? Perhaps in season two his series regular status will allow the creators of the show to examine the questions raised by the character they made that Castillo has done such a wonderful job of bringing to life. We’re certainly eagerly awaiting the answers.




3. More Drama

Some people thought that Looking started off a bit slow, which is perfectly understandable. Then the Richie/Patrick episode happened. Then, a lot of stuff started to happen. So much actually, that the show’s usually lean 29 minutes started to feel too stilted. Simply put: we want more. In season two, we want the creators of Looking to amp up the drama. We’re not talking multiple personalities or murder mysteries here (though there are lots of folks who would probably be into a “who killed Agustin” storyline), but more conflict for the lead characters will definitely get us all a bit more invested.

Viewers who stuck around after some of the slower-paced earlier episodes were rewarded with a show that got better and better each week, but in order to make season two truly pop, there needs to be more of the best parts of season one. More sex, more conflict, and deeper exploration of the characters. We know what the show is capable of since we were riveted by the last four episodes, but in order to make Looking a bonafide “thing” and reengage some viewers that may have trailed off, we need more drama. Make it happen, boys!




4. More Agustin

Oh yeah, we said it. We know that most of you hate Agustin with a passion generally reserved for squawking bachelorettes in gay bars, but dammit we find him fascinating. And c’mon, any character who inspires the level of vitriol that Agustin does is doing something right. The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. And there is nobody who watches this show that doesn’t have a strong opinion either way about Agustin. So, what is there to do with our newly single trustafarian wannabe artist? We have no idea, but we damn sure want to find out.

We want more Agustin because he makes us think, because he shocks and repulses and provokes us. Because we see him making the wrong decisions in life almost like a slow-motion car crash, and it manages to break our hearts because he sees it, too. So yeah, we want more Agustin not only because he reminds us all of that one friend we have or had that is a total mess, and we just want to see him win.




PLEASE DON’T: Make Kevin Into A Romantic Lead

The body. The ears. The cute face. That ass. Yes, Russell Tovey is a certified sex god from the planet delicious, but we can’t forget that his character Kevin is as duplicitous and manipulative as he is sexy and charming. The man has a boyfriend, made a pass at Patrick while said boyfriend was in the next room, and lured him to his office under false pretenses to have sex with him. Those abs be damned, Kevin has got issues.

Now that everyone has completely fallen for Tovey and people are ‘shipping Patrick/Kevin like crazy, the temptation to clean that character up and make him the full-fledged romantic leading man will be strong. Please don’t. The creators should definitely resist, as that would make things about 1000 percent less interesting. Now we’re not exactly against a Kevin/Patrick relationship, but we’d prefer one that at least acknowledges Kevin’s sleazy behavior, even if the Tovey/Groff chemistry is so off the charts we can’t get enough of it.

So that’s what we want Queerty members, but what about you?

Have at it in the comments section, and take your time: our guess is that Looking season two won’t premiere until early 2015.

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  • Cam

    Looking really Grew on me at the end of the season.

    I agree with pretty much everything on this list except for one. Augstine to me just comes off boring, just another pseudo artist who doesn’t have anything real to say so pretends that he is all about his art to give himself depth. However, loved his boyfriend kicking him out, would rather see more of the boyfriend.

    Totally agree with you on Tovey. He cheated on his boyfriend with a somewhat B.S-y line to Patrick, let the awkward workplace chips fall where they may!

    Lyn and Dom….Come on, this might be his chance at an actual relationship and he could do a hell of a lot worse than Scott Bakula!

    And lastly, and it might be silly, give us some interactions between the main characters. Why are they friends? Why should we care? HBO, give them more episodes so they can flesh out the backstory! :)

    And favorite scene is still Patrick’s mother basically shoving his own pre-judgement and idiocy in his face at the wedding. I hate to say it but so far the best thing about having Patrick and Augstine in the show is to wait for the scenes when they get the rug pulled out from under them.

  • Mdterp01

    I had given up on this show until my partner, who had yet to see any episode, wanted to watch episode 5. That episode, which just focused on Patrick and Richie pulled me back in. It definitely finished stronger than it began.

    Dom and Lynn I think would be nice. It would be nice to see Dom in a stable relationship. I have to say that Dom’s whole storyline was the one I found the least interesting. I just didn’t relate to him in any way. I like the actor who plays him, but usually when his character appeared thats when I would get a snack or use the bathroom.

    Richie….Richie….Richie…I love Richie and I knew that fucking Patrick was going to mess it up. I am pissed at Patrick. He wouldn’t let Richie top him, but lets his boss do it?!!! Oh Patrick you are so on my shit list. P.S. I am really hoping that we missed the putting on the condom thing when Patrick and Kevin hooked up because it kind of leaves it open as to whether or not it was bareback sex. But yes I want to know more of Richie’s back story. I have a feeling that Patrick and Richie will get back together, somehow it comes out that he hooked up with his boss, and all hell breaks loose. Raul Castillo is great and I loved the vulnerability he showed in that last scene with Patrick.

    Augustin I can’t stand. His boyfriend was kind of just there until the final episode. I loved the ultimate drive by read he gave Augustin in the finale so now I’m hoping his character stays recurring. Augustin needs to get his shit together. The whole “slumming” comment regarding Richie pissed me off too, which is why I loved it when Richie SHUT HIM DOWN in the park.

    Count me out as far as the Russell Tovey adorable sex god adoration. To each his own, but I just don’t see it and am not on board at all!! I thought the whole set up in the last episode to get Patrick to the office was sleazy. Patrick is an idiot for shitting where he eats too. It will be interesting to see how things play out next season in terms of how they interact in the office and if it gets out that they hooked up.

    Glad I ended up sticking with the show til the end and it deserved a second season.

  • Steve318

    Episode 5 (Richie/Patrick episode) was the best gay dramedy I’ve seen in years. It was worth sloshing through 1, 2, 3, and 4 to get to that beautiful man on man mutual love fest. Even if it wasn’t very explicit. It tugged at my heart and reminded me of the wonderful times I have had with guys I love hanging with. So, more writing like that, plus a little more drama like the “in the park” episode will help improve the interest quotient. But, most of all, gives us an hour long show, and at least a 12 episode season. Oh, and yes, MORE sex is a given. #fullmoonsoverpatrick

  • Arkansassy

    The One Thing I Want To See In Season 2 Of Looking: Patrick’s tombstone

    (And One I Definitely Don’t): Patrick

  • spark

    Can we get Dom and Doris a spin-off? Every time they have a scene together, the show pops… They are the only people that I buy as friends… And why does everyone think that Patrick and Kevin have “amazing” chemistry?

  • scott609

    I love Patrick because he is not trying to be anyone else but who he is. Which, right now in his life, is a very confused young man trying to find his way and to do the right thing.
    He and Kevin could make for a very interesting couple, especially if Kevin stays married. That would bring out a whole new bad-boy side of our Patrick. Plus it is great to see that kind of chemistry between two openly gay actors.

  • Lublues

    So tired of seeing the same people going on and on about this supposed chemistry between Patrick and Kevin. Sorry but I can’t see it AT ALL. Their scene together were awkward at best.

  • DistingueTraces

    I want to see the show:

    1. Focus one one developing relationship, probably between Patrick and Richie. This is what Andrew Haigh does so uniquely well.

    2. NOT try to be more soapy or more sitcom-y. Haigh and Lannan do NOT do this well.

    2.a. NOT treat Patrick/Richie/Kevin as a conventional “love triangle”, because see above, and also because forcing them into a triangle shape ignores the more flexible nature of gay relationships: a couple can have a sex partner who becomes a friend – or the reverse, or any number of other variations.

    3. Reduce the number of characters and plot threads per episode. A half-hour show with such an ambling pace does not have time to deal with three different characters’ storylines in twenty-five minutes. When it tries, the show feels shallow. The secondary characters should be given their own fully-fleshed-out plots – but each should get an in-depth look every few episodes, rather than appearing in every episode for a brief, pointless scene.

    3.a. This will also make it more likely that the wonderful Bakula will be able to stick around despite his NCIS pilot.

    4. Queerty is right: we need to know who is Richie when he’s not with Patrick. Who are the friends giving HIM terrible advice? This will also help the show explore more parts of the city.

    5. More time! More time! If the show can’t get hour-long episodes, at least order twelve of them this time rather than eight! These are plots and characters that need room to grow at their own pace.

    6. And most importantly: Groff topping. He’s said he can do it – let’s see it happen.

  • Cam

    @scott609: said… “I love Patrick because he is not trying to be anyone else but who he is.”

    Really? I get almost the opposite, that he is a bundle of stress desperately trying to alter his behavior to the occasion. It will be interesting to see where they go with it. I’m just not sure Groff can handle it. I’m waiting to see if Patrick becomes a bit more three dimensional and less childlike.

  • jdgilmore

    Was a FAN from day one and proud of it!!! It always just felt real to me, even in the “slower” beginning (and isn’t life sometimes a little slow?). So TOTALLY agree with everything you say we wanna see and don’t wanna see…. spot on!!

  • Daveliam

    I disagree completely about Augustin. He’s the worst and the show would be much better without him. He’s incredibly unlikeable, entitled, and douchey and I would much prefer to either replace him with a new guy or use the time that they would spend ‘developing’ his character on the other existing characters.

    I agree about Kevin, but I’d rather him still be on the show. I’m actually reapply disappointed that they ended up putting Kevin and Patrick together. I much prefer their energy together when it’s flirty, but not they are not acting on it. Russell Tovey is extremely cute when he’s flirting, so I’d rather not lose that on the show. It just seems so cliche to have them hook up at work. Yawn. Could we instead develop them as friends?

  • jkb

    All I want are longer episodes. I think the writers, actors, and director are doing just fine. Granted, if the show is to be longer, they will need more characters; then do that too.

  • Icebloo

    I want to see the three main characters written out – ESPECIALLY Jonathan Groff who is an AWFUL actor ! I cannot stand to watch him on screen. He makes e cringe.

    I want to see more of Scott Bakula and Raul Castillo. I loved their understated, realistic acting and the characters they were playing.

    I would also like to see more of Franky.

    Russell Tovey is OK but not as great as others on here are saying. His character is blah !

  • Mdterp01


    LOL. Yeah I’ve talked to several people who wish the three main characters were totally different. I like the actor who plays Dom, but I am just not into Dom’s storyline. Augustin is a loser who needs to get it together. The nerve to say that Patrick was slumming. He has no room to talk with his strung out, paying someone to have sex with your boyfriend self Patrick is a man boy who should be past the “still figuring it out” phase. I know it comes later for some of us but geez GET IT TOGETHER!!!!

  • dougmc92

    the characters CAN’T settle down- the title of the show sums it up ‘LOOKING’

  • bippityboppity

    @Cam: I agree. An origins episode is definitely needed so that we can fully understand the bonds that the three characters share. I recall in one episode that Dom and Patrick actually hooked up before becoming friends. I would be very interested to see how that exactly played out.

  • DistingueTraces

    Rereading my first comment, it seems more critical than I intended. The whole cast has done beautifully, and what they’ve made really is something different from any other gay-themed show we’ve seen on TV before – the closest parallel I can think of is Linklater’s Before Sunrise trilogy.

    Jonathan Groff in particular deserves more praise than he’s gotten – it’s easier to charm in a secondary role than it is to act as the show’s center. Every one of my favorite moments in Season One was just him and Raul Castillo playing off each other.

    All love to the supporting cast and to the jug-eared hotness that is Tovey, but a deep exploration of those two characters is what the show needs to be about going forward.

  • Ida

    I only want the episode to be longer… Or more episodes for season 2.

    And I agree about Kevin. No.

  • RCF

    I was really disappointed by how they ended Kevin and Patrick’s story this season. I really wanted them to end up together, but I didn’t want Kevin to cheat on his boyfriend (who moved cities for him). I think Kevin and Patrick are perfect for each other, and I hope that after several detours they end up together.
    Richie is so sweet and kind. But for TV series purposes, his character just comes off as flat. There’s little dimension to his character. It’s the same emotions every episode. As opposed to Keven’s character who was introduced as playful and witty, and he progressed to showing more selfishness. It’s not the turn I wanted for him (and I hope the writers show a better side to him), but at least his character is changing.
    I care nothing about Augustine. Until the last episode, I didn’t even know he was rich. So I guess he’s a wannabe starving bohemian artist. He’s just an entitled jerk who I can’t seem to understand why Patrick and Dom are friends with him.
    Finally, Dom. What can I say about Dom. He aight.

  • Kieru

    I see Kevin in a completely different light.

    I see his character as one who is in a relationship where he is clearly unhappy and unfulfilled. He is immensely attracted to Patrick on both a physical and emotional level and has done his best to remain professional. But ultimately we see that he cannot deny his feelings.

    I can certainly appreciate how his position of authority over Patrick makes everything a bit nefarious and season 2 could certainly play on that… but for now I’m enjoying the near rom-com relationship they are having.

  • Cam


    Or he’s manipulative, selfish and doesn’t have a problem calling one of his employees in to work for the sole purpose of screwing them. ;)

  • Mdterp01


    Co-sign with you on that one, Cam!!!

  • Ben Dover

    Thing I don’t really want to see in season 2, but kind of expect to:

    Kevin gives Patrick a bad work review; Patrick sues Kevin for sexual harassment and wins big; Patrick’s sleazeball gay lawyer inexplicably falls in love with him and Patrick fatalistically goes along with it, much to Richie’s dismay.

  • Cam

    @Ben Dover:

    Nice one Ben, now the writers are going to have to start over!!! :)

  • CCTR

    Season 1 was so well done in my opinion that I hope they don’t deviate too much from what they started.
    I would hate to see superfluous sex scenes and more drama, but I trust the writers will continue giving/showing us what’s important to the story they are telling.
    I would love to see more episodes in the season which I think will happen, its more likely that the episodes will still be in the 30ish minute format. Hopefully the season will start this fall and not 2015!

  • LarsNtherealboy

    @Kieru: What? Physical, yes, but we’ve seen nothing to show that they connect on an emotional level…yet. Everything between them so far has purely been sexual chemistry, nothing emotional yet. The reverse is however true for Ritchie

    @Cam: Agree on this, although I and many others simply adore Russell Tovey, so we probably don’t see this part of him lol.

  • CCTR

    @Icebloo: don’t Groff’s career accomplishments contradict his “AWFUL” acting?

  • Cam


    My issue with Groff’s acting in this, is that my guess is, he’s used to playing younger parts and played Patrick as if he was a 19 year old who first moved to the city and not like a 30 year old who had lived there and been out for a decade.

    Is his acting terrible? It might not be the acting, I think it was his or the directors choice in how to portray the character as TOO young and naive.

  • CCTR

    @Cam: Yeah I think he is acting as he is directed to. They most likely wouldn’t have cast him if he couldn’t act as directed in a screen test or audition.

    I’m not sure what the difference would be… “if he was a 19 year old who first moved to the city and not like a 30 year old who had lived there and been out for a decade”… when the actors say and do what is scripted and asked of their characters to do. It only makes sense that what we see is all intentionally acted as the creators have scripted it to make for a unique and somewhat unconventional character.

  • Brett

    1. I would love to see more development with Dom and Lynn. It’s a topic that isn’t often addressed in television. It would be quite refreshing. I feel they have the ability to develop their relationship into a very fruitful one.

    2. I want to see so much more of Richie. I fell in love with this character when he first showed up. I’m not sure what it is about him, but Castillo did an excellent job of developing Richie into a strong character that I am dying to see more of. I also hope that the Patrick/Richie relationship develops more. Yes, Patrick cheated on him, but I think it would do Patrick some good to be with someone who defies what he thinks everyone else expects of his boyfriend. I loved the episode that concentrated on the two of them. Maybe it’s me living vicariously through them, but it made me happy to see that the relationship was created with more than just sex.

    3. Drama is necessary in order to have a hit TV series, so of course there should be more. But, I think the directors, producers, writers, etc should create more complex drama – a type of drama that isn’t like that of ‘90210.’ Not that I didn’t eat that show up, but at some points, the amount of ridiculous drama in that show got a little overwhelming sometimes. Maybe they can create some more in depth drama that involves more than petty revenge between characters like a lot of drama was in ‘90210.’

    4. Agustin. I don’t think I can develop a specific opinion of him at this point. As of right now, I’m not really sure I like him. He seems to be making a lot of dumb decisions that aren’t supported by rational thought. Maybe that’s just my perception of it. I’m not sure. I feel that I will have to see more of him to be able to better delve into the character that is Agustin.

    5. Kevin and Patrick. As hot as that sex scene was, I don’t think it should have happened. As it was happening I literally wanted to reach through my screen and slap Patrick. And Kevin. I couldn’t believe that he, as Patrick’s boss, would manipulate him in order to get sex from him. Kevin may be gorgeous as hell, but as of right now, I don’t like him. For some reason, I really want to see more development in Richie and Patrick’s relationship (as I mentioned, I am probably living my life vicariously through them, openly displaying my despair at not having anything remotely resembling Patrick and Richie’s relationship), and this just simply complicates that for the future. It will undoubtedly come up. Sex always seems to be creator of problems in relationships. (I unfortunately have experience in that area)

    Overall, the 8 episodes of season one got me looking forward to the next season. I can’t wait for them. But at the same time, how much I got into them might prove to be a slight problem, especially if some part of the story unfolds in a manner in which I didn’t expect or want.

  • chally

    The one thing many people are hitting on in the comments is that the half-hour format of LOOKING does no service to its drama. It would be great if HBO would think of turning LOOKING into an hour drama. Half hour is the domain of comedy, which is why, I think, so many thought of the show as a comedy before they had even seen it. The show’s pace, its storylines, and its observational style definitely need a hour to develop.

  • LouWillsea

    #1 on my wish list is for Patrick and Richie to get back together, after a LOT of drama. Richie’s way of forcing Pato to prove it’s real is to bring him to Colorado to meet the family. Way more drama there, too. Julia Duffy just crushed it as Dana Murray. The wedding sequence was epic. Her and Pato & Richie interconnecting on the home turf would be epic.

    #2 is Agustin does something to make us stop hating him. Wasted Agustin on the last episode was actually pretty pleasant, hadn’t seen him that likable since episode #1.

    #3 Being ahem in the Dom/Lynn age cohort, more of that would be awesome.

  • monroeplace

    I really wanted this show to succeed and I watched four shows and just stopped watching.

    Boring. My own opinion.

  • Alan down in Florida

    You know they’re doing a good job when everybody’s watching the same program but almost no one is seeing the same thing. That’s good writing. Everybody projects their own experiences onto the characters and react individually.

  • Brett

    Something I forgot to mention in my previous comment was how upset I got when I saw that Patrick let Kevin penetrate him. If I were Richie and I found that out, I’d be pretty upset. I mean after all, he did tell Richie that he wanted him to do it then turn around and let his boss do it . . . that’s a huge slap in the face. But I still think Richie and Patrick should work things out. They seemed to work really well together.

  • DistingueTraces


    Julia Duffy was good, but gay mommie drama is something we have seen before … fairly often.

    I’m more interested in getting to know Richie’s circle of friends – and with them an expanded view of gay San Francisco – than in another “meet the parents” episode.

  • frshmn

    @DistingueTraces: Groff playing a top will be the true test of his acting abilities.

  • Mdterp01


    Yeah I think I had mentioned how pissed I was about that. Its like wow…you were actually building something meaningful with Richie, yet just let Patrick stick it on in??!!! There is a deeper meaning to him doing that which I hope is explored in season 2 and I hope Richie lets him have it when he finds out!!!! I was too through with Patrick after that. He’s on my shit list with Augustine now. While I want he and Richie to try and work it out (and given that Raul Castillo has been upgraded I think we are going to get that) my real life self is thinking what the hell does Richie see in Patrick and his man boy ways??!!


    LOL. Was that a read? Shots fired!! LOL.

  • Darreyl102

    I can’t understand the attractiveness of Tovey, but I am determined to find it. I find him not the least attractive, but since soo many people rave about him, I’m gonna have to figure this one out! I have to be missing something, and damn it, I’m gonna try and find it! But then I also don’t find Groff attractive either- so something must be off with me.

  • DistingueTraces


    It was only a read if you’ve got … BOTTOM SHAME.

  • Mdterp01


    Well here’s what…you do the search for both of us and when you are done searing and find what it is please let me know.

  • Darreyl102

    @Mdterp01: I WILL!I am really trying hard to find it!

  • Kieru

    I absolutely adore Tovey so maybe I’m seeing that scene through rose-tinted lenses and all.. but the whole situation of Patrick allowing Kevin to penetrate him? I saw that as indicative of Patrick connecting with Kevin more than he did with Richie.

    The writers made it a point that Patrick doesn’t like to bottom and it seems like a lot of that stems from him not feeling comfortable/safe/whatever.

    If you want to play the superior/subordinate card though I can certainly see Patrick saying ‘yes’ because he doesn’t think he can say no… just not the impression I got at all from that scene; nor that Patrick was suddenly going all hungry-bottom because he was horny.

    I also really appreciated the after-scene. Both of them did something they’ve clearly wanted to do from day one… and clearly know is wrong given their relationship status. It’s not all “true love finds a way”. It’s awkward and a little messy now and they need to figure out how to move forward.

    Season 2 should be interesting.

  • drivendervish

    I really don’t spend much time thinking about how I want storylines or characters to develop in shows I watch. I am content to take the ride the writers want to take me on. But I was struck about your comments on Kevin. I don’t see him as a villain at all. Let’s see, making a pass at another man’s boyfriend and then manipulating a situation likely to result in sex is pretty much how all of my relationships have started. Patrick is an adult and he could have shut down both situations if he wanted. The fact that he didn’t was true to his wishy-washy character who doesn’t know what he wants and is very vulnerable as a result. Kevin’s boyfriend is a drunk and is therefore emotionally unavailable so he shouldn’t be surprised if Kevin is looking elsewhere to get his needs met.

    What I don’t understand is how Patrick could be active in the SF gay community for 8 years and be so naive and sexually inexperienced. It doesn’t ring true for me as I think the vast majority of gay men who are Patrick’s age have figured out what they like in bed. He isn’t aggressive, forceful or dominating enough to be a satisfying top so he has been getting plowed for the last 8 years and is probably pretty good at it by now.

  • LarsNtherealboy

    @Kieru: But I think the question for me is why did he “connect” with Kevin more? From my pov, it seems it’s pretty much because he’s never seen Ritchie as been good enough(it’s been obvious from his treatment of him and reaction to his job), while he felt Kevin was someone up to his standards.

  • Shawn

    Best way to fix this show is write Augustine out of it. Let him go home to live with his parents in Coral Gables which is likely what would really happen anyways. He is not interesting like an evil anti-hero can sometimes be. He is just a user and the writers have really not shown that he has one redeeming quality.
    I have posted before about how disappointed I was with the three main characters on Looking. Augustine is so vapid and repulsive that I truly hope they replace him with something better.

  • IcarusD

    I agree that they should not clean up Russell Tovey’s Kevin. That would lose some of the things that make his character interesting.

    That said, both Tovey and Jonathan Groff have done full frontal nudity, and Groff said he didn’t hesitate to waive all the nudity restrictions in his contract. Make use of that! I’m not saying jump straight into soft-core porn. But really, this is HBO and it’s time for equal time. Usually the full frontal nudity comes from unnamed extras. It would shake things up a bit if the stars were pretty casual in their showering/love-making/nude beach scenes.

    Also, show more of my beautiful City. San Francisco itself was definitely one of the stars of the show.

  • Tommy

    Patrick and Kevin was the build-up I needed to keep me wanting more for season 2.
    With them it can go either way.
    1) Kevin’s urge will finally be fulfilled and he’ll no longer be interested in Patrick, which will hurt patrick emotionally and cause all sorts of conflict like the one with Richie, and his ability to work.

    2) Kevin will want their sex to be a regular thing (as a sort of mistress type relationship), which patrick may/may-not find hot. If he does, it’ll only be a matter of time until one of them decides they can’t do it anymore (probably kevin out of love for his boyfriend, or patrick out of his love for richie) leaving one of them devastated. Either way, their work life would be virtually tumultuous.

    Moral of the story: Don’t have sex with people you work with.

  • enlightenone

    @scott609: I hope you are under 20?

  • enlightenone

    @Cam: I’d rather he be replaced. Mistakes in casting does happen. I just hope (wishful thinking on my part) they see the fish that doesn’t need to be in the fish bowl that is 2014 San Francisco, not mid-west, small town of 200 with cornfields as far as the eye can see.

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