Looking Forward

Four Things We Want To See (And One We Definitely Don’t) From “Looking” Season Two

We’ve just finished digesting last week’s season one finale of Looking, and now that we know that HBO has greenlit a second season, we thought it would be the perfect time to start a discussion of what we’d like to see more of.

We could’ve written an entire piece asking for more of Russell Tovey‘s bangin’ backside, but we stay classy here at Queerty, so we’ve come up with four totally legitimate things we’d like to see from season 2.

And one thing we definitely don’t want to see.




1. More Lynn and Dom Lovin’

We are unabashed in our love for the Dom/Lynn storyline because it seems so unique. When was the last time you saw a romance between two men of a certain age portrayed at all, let alone with the depth and sensitivity given to this storyline? We definitely got a bit nervous when we heard that Scott Bakula had signed on to do a CBS pilot, but were relieved to find out that he will be returning to Looking.

So, how do Lynn and Dom move on from their incredible kiss on the season 1 finale? Seeing “daddy” Dom become the “boy” to 20 years his senior Lynn would be interesting, as would an exploration of his struggle to leave behind old behaviors. Wherever life is leading these two silver foxes, we want to see more of it, preferably with them heading there together. And maybe a sex scene for all the DILF-hunters out there.




2. Who Is Richie?

Fresh-faced or scruffy, everyone loves Raul Castillo. His Richie is arguably the heart of the series, and nobody was happier than we were when he was upped to series regular for season 2, but what does that mean? At this point, Richie is more or less relegated to playing off of Patrick, but what Castillo has done with the character has earned Richie some deeper exploration outside of that relationship.

We found ourselves wondering multiple times during the season who this sweet, sensitive soul who got mixed up with wishy-washy Patrick is. What does he really want? How would he interact in a relationship with someone other than Patrick? Does he have dreams beyond cutting hair and bouncing at a club, or are relationships more important to him than stereotypical career success? Perhaps in season two his series regular status will allow the creators of the show to examine the questions raised by the character they made that Castillo has done such a wonderful job of bringing to life. We’re certainly eagerly awaiting the answers.




3. More Drama

Some people thought that Looking started off a bit slow, which is perfectly understandable. Then the Richie/Patrick episode happened. Then, a lot of stuff started to happen. So much actually, that the show’s usually lean 29 minutes started to feel too stilted. Simply put: we want more. In season two, we want the creators of Looking to amp up the drama. We’re not talking multiple personalities or murder mysteries here (though there are lots of folks who would probably be into a “who killed Agustin” storyline), but more conflict for the lead characters will definitely get us all a bit more invested.

Viewers who stuck around after some of the slower-paced earlier episodes were rewarded with a show that got better and better each week, but in order to make season two truly pop, there needs to be more of the best parts of season one. More sex, more conflict, and deeper exploration of the characters. We know what the show is capable of since we were riveted by the last four episodes, but in order to make Looking a bonafide “thing” and reengage some viewers that may have trailed off, we need more drama. Make it happen, boys!




4. More Agustin

Oh yeah, we said it. We know that most of you hate Agustin with a passion generally reserved for squawking bachelorettes in gay bars, but dammit we find him fascinating. And c’mon, any character who inspires the level of vitriol that Agustin does is doing something right. The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. And there is nobody who watches this show that doesn’t have a strong opinion either way about Agustin. So, what is there to do with our newly single trustafarian wannabe artist? We have no idea, but we damn sure want to find out.

We want more Agustin because he makes us think, because he shocks and repulses and provokes us. Because we see him making the wrong decisions in life almost like a slow-motion car crash, and it manages to break our hearts because he sees it, too. So yeah, we want more Agustin not only because he reminds us all of that one friend we have or had that is a total mess, and we just want to see him win.




PLEASE DON’T: Make Kevin Into A Romantic Lead

The body. The ears. The cute face. That ass. Yes, Russell Tovey is a certified sex god from the planet delicious, but we can’t forget that his character Kevin is as duplicitous and manipulative as he is sexy and charming. The man has a boyfriend, made a pass at Patrick while said boyfriend was in the next room, and lured him to his office under false pretenses to have sex with him. Those abs be damned, Kevin has got issues.

Now that everyone has completely fallen for Tovey and people are ‘shipping Patrick/Kevin like crazy, the temptation to clean that character up and make him the full-fledged romantic leading man will be strong. Please don’t. The creators should definitely resist, as that would make things about 1000 percent less interesting. Now we’re not exactly against a Kevin/Patrick relationship, but we’d prefer one that at least acknowledges Kevin’s sleazy behavior, even if the Tovey/Groff chemistry is so off the charts we can’t get enough of it.

So that’s what we want Queerty members, but what about you?

Have at it in the comments section, and take your time: our guess is that Looking season two won’t premiere until early 2015.