Four Wrestlers Bully Teammate With Brand New Secret Weapon: Their Dicks

Four members of Wisconsin’s Lincoln High School state championship wrestling team got charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct this week for allegedly sexually harassing a 15-year-old teammate by repeatedly trying to touch him with their dicks. Oddly, they’re probably straight.

A 15-year-old boy told cops about his Lincoln High School teammates “dancing around him while they are naked, swinging their penises at him,” according to a criminal complaint based on an investigation by Wisconsin Rapids Police Department officers.

The freshman wrestler told cops that he was harassed “about five to ten times” during the season, and that “during some of those occasions he was hit by each of their penises on his leg.” Additionally, he told of one incident in the shower when a teammate “placed his penis on [victim’s] butt.” The boy added that he “could not get away because he was boxed in by two other wrestlers.”

On another occasion, the victim said that he “had to climb into a locker” to prevent being hit in the face by the penis of another wrestler.

A lot of people don’t know that most incidents of male-on-male sexual harassment actually occur because of a straight guys who want to intimidate and belittle their peers. Their aggressive “penis tag” sounds curiously like last year’s “ball tapping” game—such games are all about humiliation, not sex.

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  • Rob

    This happened when I was in (Catholic) high school. Obviously it was handled much more quietly.

  • Roger Rabbit

    Yeah, and all of those scriptures translated as anti-gay are about this sort of activity. The most disgusting thing is that the school administrators tend to turn their backs to this activity.

  • beergoggles

    Of course they are (straight that is). When I was in college several of the straight (but thankfully gay friendly) jocks I used to hang out with would make it their mission to sneak up on you and put their dick on your head. As a result it was so much easier to just hang out with the stoners instead.

  • Danny

    There are as many straight people as there are gay people, everyone else 80% are bisexual on a sliding scale of %gay/%straight. Most people just won’t admit it since they think bi means 50%/50%.

  • Kev C

    Chicks dig guys who rape other guys. Looks good on job resumes too.

  • DarSco

    This is some gay homo ish. That is gay behavior,wow, that never happened when i was in school, lol closeted homo boys doing the gayest sport wrestling.

  • timncguy

    Anyone have any idea what the photo associated with this story on Queerty’s main page has to do with this story? And, if it does have anything to do with this story, why did Queerty replace it with another picture when you get to the detailed post?

    I had really hoped that when Queerty made its return it would knock it off with the misleading headlines and photos.

  • jason

    This is about power. Men use their dicks to wield power. It’s like a spear or a sword. This attack was like a form of sexual power play. The victim could just as easily have been a woman.

  • Ruhlmann

    Straight ain’t what it used to be. I’ve done surveys.

  • Ruhlmann

    @timncguy: Do you know how hard it is to find four straight guys who will pose for a picture with their dicks draped on a gay guy? Believe me you get tired of hearing “you better get the fuck outta here”. Nobody has a sense of adventure anymore.

  • Jake the libertarian

    Oh boo-fucking-hoo… It’s just guys fucking around. This world would be a much better place if people would learn how to sack up a little bit and stop being victims all the time. We did shit like this when I was a kid. I was gay, most of them weren’t… it was just boys being boys… Happens all the time all over the place.

  • DavyJones

    @DarSco: Umm… Are you lost?

    @Jake the libertarian: That kind of “ignore it and let boys be boys” mentality is what allows “fucking around” to turn into serious hate crimes; pure and simple. When an environment of acceptable harassment is allowed to grow the line between ‘acceptable’ and ‘criminal’ gets blurred. I’m not saying that every time someone does something to upset someone else there should be an inquisition; but this sounds like pretty serious and repetitive harassment; and the kid apparently felt threatened enough by it to report it, which isn’t an easy thing to do on it’s own…

  • Jake the libertarian

    @DavyJones: I know my post sounded a little harsh. I assure you I am sensitive toward repetitive and seriously cruel harassment. However this sounds a lot to me like a couple of parents freaking out more than the kid (who will freak out himself if his parents do). I am just sick and tired of people pretending like kids fucking with each other is some kind of hate crime. It isn’t and it blurs the line between situations like this and real hate crimes and harassment.

    My only point is to beg our society to keep a little perspective for once. The above situation simply isn’t that bad.

  • Disgusted Gay American

    just remember – it happened IN MN…..16momths to go til the elections, and the hate ,anti-lgbt intimidation is already starting..this is just the beginning.

  • Tony

    They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for sexual assault. If they did this to a woman it wouldn’t even be an issue. These thugs would be in jail. I hope criminal charges are pressed. And after criminal charges are filed there will be a ton of lawyers lining up to help this victim of a hate crime file a massive civil suit so the idiots, the school, and their families have to hire lawyers and spend years in court. It’s not just “boys being boys” anymore, Jake, you idiotic douchebag.

  • paul f

    I despised gym class as a kid because invariably I was the smallest one in the class. Had this occured to me in the shower room, I actualy might have looked forward to gym class instead of dreading it. Actualy, it was a guilty fantasy of mine that this very thing would occur (never did). Just goes to show that there is no such thing as a standard one size fits all “queer”. We are ALL different and unique beings and what’s wrong for one person isn’t for another. Back to the point of the article; if he felt it was non-consensual and abusive to be touched in that way, then yes, I agree with most of the people posting here, the boys should be charged. Could it have escalated into someting worse? Maybe. I also agree with Jake. In and of itself, what they did was at the low end of the scale of what could have and DOES happen. Tony, save the outrage for outragous behaviour. Some where between the two extremes of your (Jake & Tony) respective postings lies the responce to this incident.

  • Ruhlmann

    When I read this I was disgusted and thought, I would bide my time and get these guys or at least the leader alone and seriously do some pounding. When I read some of the comments I started second guessing my reaction and thought maybe I was a bit touchy. I reread and got the same reaction because there isn’t a lot of information in this article.

    I emailed the link to my brothers (I have five, one older the rest younger, all of them straight) and this morning the emails came back with questions like “is he normally part of the group” “is he gay or percieved as gay” etc. They all deemed the victim to be singled out for humiliation and that trying to make your penis contact another guys leg or ass might be “boys will be boys” but his face was serious disrespect with varying degrees of retribution meted out to the offender. Boxing him in was also significant in their intent and their view of him as less than them. My older brother wrote “I’d boot fuck him into a coma and keep a picture of it in my wallet” which obviously is extreme but telling of his ideas of masculine boundaries.

    It’s been a long time since I was in high school and I left at fifteen but I don’t think things have changed that much with teenage males. They can still be cruel when posturing for each other. I definately would have been insulted by this at an instinctively male level and in the world I grew up in this would not have happened without violent response. If I personaly did not fight the guy I would not have been able to stop my older brother from seriously hurting him. Really we know what these guys were doing and why they were doing it. Once or twice leaves room for doubt but consistently with four against one is sinister and degrading. I hope he has the law if not a room full of brothers to champion his dignity.

  • Tony

    @paul f: @paul f: You’re an ignorant idiot Paul…it’s because of ignorant denial like yours that leads to hate crimes and violence and murder of LGBT people everywhere. I won’t save my outrage for outrageous behavior, because this is outrageous behavior. I have seen kids kill themselves over less humiliating acts than this one. You’re a moronic ignorant fool who needs to do a hell of a lot more research on this topic. Save my outrage ??? Please asshole…go F yourself.

  • Michael


    Very good question doesnt seem to relate to this story whatsoever.The only thing it relates to is the 3rd word in the description : BULLY its a pc game thats pretty popular I think that picture is from the scholarship edition. Still the picture has nothing to do with this at all doesnt even make sense in this context either.

  • Seandee

    how is it that something that has happened in “straight” sports teams for decades is now something that needs to involve the police? These kind of penis-tag type games/harassment happen on every type of team/contact sports teams in highschool. It is almost a right of passage. It is not really acceptable but is certainly not something to get the police involved in!
    Geez… lighten up americans.
    Not every kid is on the verge of suicide all the time.

  • IzzyLuna

    Lucky bastard. Sounds like a 15 year old high school fantasy to me.

  • Tony

    @Seandee: The point is Seandee, that the victim is not “straight”, they sexually assaulted him, it was not a game, and what they did against the law….intended to humiliate him…and yes this kind of behavior drives thousands of kids to suicide. In case your small brain didn’t pick it up, he had been harrassed at least 10-15 other times, so it wasn’t a fucking “right of passage” Don’t tell us Americans to lighten up you ignorant moron. Until we stop minimizing these kinds of humiliating acts, they will continue to be tolerated due to ignorant attitutes by assholes like you. You so clearly don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about……so until you do STFU !!!!!

  • Jim Hlavac

    Weirdly, until a man named Mr. Onore took his similar case to the Supreme Court a few years ago, there was no such thing as “gay sexual harassment.” Mr. Onore was a small and slight man on an offshore oil rig in Louisiana, and he was similarly harassed, and discovered there was no law dealing with the issue, and the law actually prohibiting such a claim. He won, and now we have gay sex harassment law. And Mr. Onore is straight.

    Meanwhile, last night I had the same discussion on the same incident with some Tea Party people — and the take here and there are quite the same in many respects, and yet quite different too.

    Which is all most intriguing.

  • Jack E. Jett

    I have seen this movie before. I think it was in the 1/2 price bin at TLA.

  • Ty

    Oh gosh I would have grabbed their penises and suck them off. Then they wouldn’t be so straight after all.

  • divkid

    where, oh where, are all the public-spirited heroes?

    had i witnessed the outrage perpetrated on this hapless victim, i would have made the supreme self-sacrifice and offered myself up to be humiliated in his place.

    yes, i am that noble.
    i’ll always take one for the team.

  • DJ

    Does it make me a bad person if I wish this had happened to me in High School? Damn!

  • timncguy

    @Michael: I’m not talking about the animated video game photo that is being used inside this article. I’m talking about the photo of 5 underwear models being used on the home page along with the title of this article to promote it.

    The only thing the underwear model photo remotely has in common with the actual story is the number of participants in each.

  • manfred

    This doesn’t sound like it “rises” to the level of a hate crime. So what if he was “touched” by a penis a couple of times. For god sakes, it’s just guys goofing around, quit acting like a girly girl and fight back.

  • Labi Ajeti

    shum mir..
    very nice :)

  • anon

    I don’t understand the confident assertions that this is “all about power” and not sexually motivated. People say that about heterosexual rape as well, as if 100% of the incidents of rape are committed by these cerebral guys who don’t have any sexual interest in women per se, but just want to mess with their heads and exert “power” over them. And yet, there are plenty of (legal) ways to humiliate or belittle without resorting to sexually charged acts, therefore the sex involved is undeniably part of the motivation for these people and the humiliation is more like a bonus for them, if it even registers in their minds. In the case of these guys, it is likely primarily humiliation that is motivating them, but there is an inherent homoerotic component here, otherwise they would have just stuffed him in his locker or tripped him down the stairs. These guys (or at least one ringleader) were partly getting off on doing this to the victim — I suspect the victim is probably a good-looking, smaller guy and some of these macho assholes are a little bi/gay. I’m not proud of it, but I can recall bullying boys that I found attractive when I was in grade school… I frankly didn’t know how to deal with the emotions at the time.

  • John walterman

    @Tony: You should Just Chill The fuck out man!!! because someone doesn’t agree with Your opinion there is no reason to go off on him. you sound like a Stressed Person you Should deal with Your own Problems first Then interfere with other Peoples Problems Signed: John walterman

  • John walterman

    @Tony: You should Just Chill The fuck out man!!! because someone doesn’t agree with Your opinion there is no reason to go off on him. you sound like a Stressed Person you Should deal with Your own Problems first Then interfere with other Peoples Problems Signed: John [email protected]Tony: PS: They didn’t fuck the “shit outta him” so no harassmentCharges should be placed we Should deal with real Problems like. . . Obama

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