Fourth-Grader On Gay Marriage: “You Should Be Happy For Them”

Thanks to Reddit, voices of the next generation are already speaking out in support of marriage equality. Check out the essay below, written by a fourth grader who independently chose gay marriage as the topic of his “persuasive essay” assignment.

“[He has] more sense than some adults,” his teacher says. Kids say the darndest most awesome things sometimes.


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  • Ruhlmann

    Well okay now I am convinced. Good show.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Out of the mouths of babes… comes the truth! I’ve always had faith that the younger generation will have the intelligence to see through the right wing/conservative rhetoric! BINGO! Education and common sense… work!

  • hyhybt

    A for content. Somewhat lower grade for spelling and punctuation, though I don’t know what’s usual for 4th grade.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @hyhybt: Lolol… as a retired teacher of 40+ years, I’d say the kid is pretty danged good, heh heh. His thinking, however, is right on the mark. Education helps! ;-)

  • hyhybt

    @Dakotahgeo: That’s the reason for the “I don’t know.” I haven’t seen fourth grade writing since moving on to fifth grade.

    (One thing I do remember about fourth grade: the first day, the teacher wrote a list of rules on the board, and one of them was “no printing.” Coming from a different school system, I’d never heard that word used to refer to non-cursive handwriting. To me, printing was something involving a printing press, and since there obviously wasn’t one of those handy, a rule against using one was a bit confusing.)

  • Dakotahgeo

    @hyhybt: ;-) I understand that!

  • mlbumiller

    a lot of schools do not even teach writing… penmenship or what they called cursive in my day. Schools are teaching keyboarding(typing for us old coots) and ony teach them how to sign their name.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @mlbumiller: Sadly, you are right. That’s the price we pay for Progress at times. I had two years of typing and was taught how to write cursively in second grade. It’s like riding a bike— one never forgets!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Dakotahgeo: Actually, it was a full year of typing, not two different semesters.


    That is, so sweet. And for all of you ass hole who have no children! this one is just great. AdamHomo

  • Dakotahgeo

    @DOFEK: Have you ever considered AA or NA? You seem awfully disappointed with your station in life. I pity you, really!

  • Eiswirth

    Kids don’t lie, unlike their parents and ministers.

  • mykelb

    He must be a Betty White fan, “I really don’t care with whom you sleep, I just care what kind of a decent human being you are.” I figure all the rest of it is your business and not mine. And not hers, incidentally.”

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