Fox Edited Out “X Factor” Contestant Don Philip’s Emotional Coming Out

When pop star Britney Spears made her debut on The X-Factor this week, one of the contestants she helped send packing was Don Philip, who had recorded a song with Britney a decade earlier.

It was an emotional moment on the show, and one where Britney took a break from making humorous barbs to show some empathy. During his appearance, Philip told Spears, “I never thought I’d see you again…At the time I just…I didn’t feel like I was worthy.”

But it turns out Philip’s emotional appearance also included i him talking about his sexuality, saying he didn’t think Spears would approve of him when they first worked together because he was gay.

No, you weren’t heating up a Hot Pocket when it happened—Fox edited out his comments about being gay.

We reported Philips confession back in June, when he told his former singing partner, “I didn’t think you thought it was okay that I am gay.” People reported Spears says she was “fine” with it, and tried to help him regain his composure.

But that exchange didn’t make it to air on Wednesday. “I’m sorry they didn’t think it was up to The X Factor standard, as Britney says,” Philip told the site RumorFix. “Is gay bad for Fox? I didn’t do anything bad. They edited the gay out of me.”

Philip maintains he didn’t plan on coming out, but that producers forced it out of him and hounded him about his “secret.” After the taping his audition earlier this summer, Philip went to Facebook and commented that “perhaps this was not the place for me to reveal my very soul and obstacles of my past. Certainly not the place for a reunion… I promise I only had good intentions in mind.”

Source: Towleroad

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Fox, and the X-Factor only want to hear about poor white trash, and black girls who got knocked up as teenagers.

  • niles

    Awkward and sad.

  • Red Meat

    Britney has creeps for fans.

  • LubbockGayMale

    What else do we expect from Fox????

  • Ruhlmann

    Does he really need to come out on national television? He didn’t think he was worthy of Britney Spears? That poor bastard has all kinds of shit to get over. Shut up and sing!

  • Gigi Gee

    @Ruhlmann: I was thinking the very same thing. Isn’t Brit Brit surrounded by Gays 24/7? How could you be “in” around her? Unless she was worried that gay boys would steal some of her thunder, which is entirely possible.

  • SFHarry

    I also noticed after the guy who sang “New York State of Mind” with the great voice finished his performance and went back to talk with his friends and boyfriend, he seemed to lean over to kiss his boyfriend and they cut before contact was made. It sent a clear message to me, and to many people I’m sure, that gay affection is for some reason not appropriate for TV. The most annoying thing is that they could have just cut the whole interaction but instead decided to just cut what was obviously going to be a kiss. The message was heard loud and clear.

  • Rockery

    Who cares? Lets talk about how Britney’s reactions seem to be inappropriate at all times! Is she ok??

  • Guillermo3


  • Guillermo3

    @Rockery: In the immortal words of Chris Crocker:”LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE!”

  • Elmwoodmac

    After watching the contrived, phoney as hell, X-Factor this past week I can only hope this farce of a show is finished for good.

  • sfsilver

    Well Fox has a long history with their reality talent shows of “editing out the Gay” in a variety of ways. Serious contenders on American Idol have not been allowed to be publicly out until the competition is finished.

    Same with So You Think You Can Dance, which added the extra layer of literally cruel comments from the judging panel especially Nigel Lythgoe (a producer of American Idol and SYTYCD). He all but called effeminate guys “faggots” in the first 3 seasons until the pressure of the public noticing his behavior resulted in him “letting” a Gay ballroom dancing couple through to Vegas so he could claim he wasn’t anti-Gay. The show still hasn’t had anyone on it who was publicly Gay while in competition. In the meantime every dance is about heterosexual mating rituals with calls of “hot tamale trains” when it gets really sexy and Nigel leers openly over the hot girls on the show and acts uncomfortable when the guys are shirtless.

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