Fox & Friends Hosts Only Enjoy Hetero Sexuality on Television

Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, and Gretchen Carlson are about the biggest morning media d-bags. And we’re including these jerk-offs in there. The trio’s playdates with homophobia and gender stereotypes are well documented. (Fine, so are their same-sex crushes.) Whenever anything remotely gay comes up, the self-righteous trinity rely on a “fair and balanced” — and severely tinged — approach to the news. Just like they did when Sacha Baron Cohen landed ass-first in Eminem‘s face. The incident was just horrific, claimed the Fox & Friends host, with Carlson noting MTV felt “the absolute need to cross over the line.” That’s some interesting commentary coming from this gaggle of talking heads who have no problem “going to the n-th degree” when it comes to crossing over the line into showing women playing football in lingerie! Roll tape.