Fox & Friends Hosts Only Enjoy Hetero Sexuality on Television

Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, and Gretchen Carlson are about the biggest morning media d-bags. And we’re including these jerk-offs in there. The trio’s playdates with homophobia and gender stereotypes are well documented. (Fine, so are their same-sex crushes.) Whenever anything remotely gay comes up, the self-righteous trinity rely on a “fair and balanced” — and severely tinged — approach to the news. Just like they did when Sacha Baron Cohen landed ass-first in Eminem‘s face. The incident was just horrific, claimed the Fox & Friends host, with Carlson noting MTV felt “the absolute need to cross over the line.” That’s some interesting commentary coming from this gaggle of talking heads who have no problem “going to the n-th degree” when it comes to crossing over the line into showing women playing football in lingerie! Roll tape.

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  • AlwaysGay

    Jon is great! Keith Olbermann and Jon are the only ones that calls out the criminal organizations’ nefarious and bigoted activity.

  • Dennis

    This is absolutly classic, thank you Queerty. Fox cunt (sorry to all decent ‘cunts’ out there) bitching about how the MTV Awards homoerotic stunt could “harm” children, then at 9:00 in the fucking morning, they’re parading around some fake-tittied whores in a cheesy football game. Worth the watch, and props to the Daily Show once again, for being one of the few news outlets daring to calling out bullshit on a regular basis.

    A new low for Fox hypocrisy…though I’m sure they’ll top it soon.

  • Joanaroo

    Fox News has to show all the T & A before all those hetero Christy goody two-shoes Republicans start their day by getting Mr. Happy Penis exercised and gulping down their Viagara!

  • petted

    She doesn’t do that anymore? Really?

  • Addyboo

    First of all, the MTV gag was horrific. Second, who cares about the ideology of morning television? There are bigger fights to fight here.

  • jason

    This reminds me of those moronic males who say that girl-girl is hot but guy-guy is gross. It’s a double standard in how the homosexual interaction is viewed.

    Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox, also has a record of promoting this double standard in his publications. He’s a douchebag with a double standard.

  • sweetdog

    I may be the only gay in America who USED to watch FNC and F&F. I guess it was because I was against Obammy and I found an outlet to watch that wasn’t fawning all over the new ‘god’ who was about to take over the WH. I finally stopped watching F&F because I got SO sick of Steve Douchey promoting his book. The only person on FNC who has any semblance of decency is Greta VanSusteren. I think that the reason Brian Kilmeade found it necessary to pounce face-first into the bosoms of those bimbos is because he has too many man-crushes and his foot is about to slip and fling the closet door wide open. He was attempting to “prove” his masculinity. I think secretly he was wishing Sasha Cohen would fall face first into HIS crotch. The maybe they could claim a performance that was ‘fair and balanced.’

  • rick

    @sweetdog: greta? you must be joking. the bitch was pro scott peterson. she is a hack. right now she has her husbands head shoved up sarah palins ass.
    she’s a scientologist and she works for fox. that sums her up fairly well.

  • Aaron Khan

    Fox & Friends will always be know to my generation as the douche-bags of television.

    “Hey remember those douche-bags on faux news back in college?!”

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