Fox Journo, US Editor Trash Trans Model

Fox News is back to its anti-trans ways!

The network garnered some queer criticism earlier this year after trash talking trans man Thomas Beatie.

Now anchor Gregg Jarrett and US Magazine editor-at-large Ian Drew take a few shots at Isis, America’s Next Top Model‘s new trans model. Our favorite part comes when Drew calls Isis’ inclusion as a ratings grab and a television trend. Jarrett, of course, is flabbergasted by “him or her.”

The gay media watchdogs over at GLAAD are fuming, naturally, and have asked supporters to contact Fox and gripe to their hearts content. We’ve included contact information after the jump…

Gregg Jarrett – Anchor
(212) 301-3000
[email protected]

Jay Wallace – Executive Producer
(212) 301-5168
[email protected]

Tom Lowell – Senior Producer
(212) 301-3000 (outlet)
[email protected]