Fox Journo, US Editor Trash Trans Model

Fox News is back to its anti-trans ways!

The network garnered some queer criticism earlier this year after trash talking trans man Thomas Beatie.

Now anchor Gregg Jarrett and US Magazine editor-at-large Ian Drew take a few shots at Isis, America’s Next Top Model‘s new trans model. Our favorite part comes when Drew calls Isis’ inclusion as a ratings grab and a television trend. Jarrett, of course, is flabbergasted by “him or her.”

The gay media watchdogs over at GLAAD are fuming, naturally, and have asked supporters to contact Fox and gripe to their hearts content. We’ve included contact information after the jump…

Gregg Jarrett – Anchor
(212) 301-3000
[email protected]

Jay Wallace – Executive Producer
(212) 301-5168
[email protected]

Tom Lowell – Senior Producer
(212) 301-3000 (outlet)
[email protected]

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  • Darth Paul

    US magazine is a worthless, racist turd of a rag. It’s no surprise they would stoop to FOX’s ignominous attention grubbing tactics.

  • peter

    Ian Drew is gay too

  • CitizenGeek

    Only on Fox News would a gay man openly trash a trans woman. Ugh.

    Anyway, I think Isis looks amazing and I know she’ll do really well on the show!

  • Ryn

    They do have a point – the inclusion of a transgender is an obvious attempt at getting more viewers and media coversge on the matter to ensure high ratings. I mean seriously people you expect FOX News to show respect to transgenders? I think this is tame compared to some of the other LGBT bashing I’ve seen there. And the trash talking was for the most part playful and coming from a gay guy…

  • Ash

    Uh no, RYN, the trash-talking was not “playful.” It was awful, transphobic and not at all funny.

  • Peter

    Greg Jarrett’s insistent reference to Isis as a he irritated me. Why is it so difficult for some to simply refer to her as a she, if that is the gender she identifies with ?

  • Lost


    Why don’t you go back to the school yard and team up with the bully who use to beat the crap out of you and poke fun of someone who is a lot more feminine than you and see if anyone else sees your point. Do you get it?

  • ajax

    Ryn, why are you so sure that Isis is a ratings grab? Is it (a) because Isis is transgender, Isis is ugly, (b) because Isis is transgender, Isis is untalented, (c) because Isis is transgender, she is souless and uninteresting, or (d) Ryn is a hateful bigot?

  • Jeff Guard

    What is wrong with Ian Drew!? I cannot believe how incredibly cruel and mean-spirited he sounds. It really saddens me that a gay man like himself would join the ranks of FOX in trashing the transgender community. It’s so sad and heartbreaking that Drew proves that we as gay men are really no different, we can be just as cruel and mean once we’re the ones on the “right” side of the fence. I’m never buying US again.

  • Mr C

    I’m not surprised because Ian Drew is also caucasian and Isis is African American and considering the climate as of late in the LGBT community with Obama/Clinton and some of the caucasian gays blaming Blacks for everything that’s wrong with LGBT because Obama is the nominee. These feelings stretch way beyond gay folks on Queerty.

    He’s just a high profiled gay that did it. But he needs to be banned from LGBT Society not only was he mean spirited to Isis and then to do it on FOX NEWS CHANNEL?


  • Mary Collins

    When the truth hurts, why is it that people are more willing to bash, resort to name calling etc.

    Fox News and/or Greg Jerrett are anything but homophobic or transexual phobic.

    Get real people, let’s call a spade a spade, or Isis a man? or a woman?

    What a joke!

  • Tara

    Lets call a spade a spade hmm…..


    Just shut up.

    How about this for truth. If you cannot see how what was said would be hurtful, you are a butch and a bigot. Truth hurts hu.

  • Jake H.

    that ian drew character looks like a FTM tranny version of kenny g. sounds like him too.

  • shivadog

    Mary : “Fox News and/or Greg Jerrett are anything but homophobic or transexual phobic”
    Did you watch the clip? Do you really have your head that far up your ass? You really are a stupid cunt.

  • Byl

    That was unspeakably vulgar. That nasty, nasty queen. Eughh.

  • Schneewitchen

    There are divisions cutting through the entirety of mainstream and queer culture. It’s ugly to watch, and tends to leave me with an enduring hatred for a good proportion of the human race.

    I have a simple algorithm for dealing with people:

    a) Default respect.
    b) Modification of my views based on the actions of the person under scrutiny.
    c) If they happen to behave like a wanker, then give them some feedback.

    This *is* trash TV, tho. Expect nothing better. Trash reporting, by scum, for the not-too-smart people who consume it. It’ll change when the human race changes, and not before.

  • FabFag

    Mary Collins, you’re the joke. Together with FOX “News” and US Weekly.

    You make me barf.

  • Disgusted American

    I was Totally appalled at hearing/seeing this BS report. FOX news sucks..plain and simple! They aren’t even NEWS..that’s an Insult to News. WTF – even CNN sucks these days…except for Ammanpore,Cafferty and hmmmm. MSNBC has Rachel Maddow ,Obermann,Kinda Dan Abrams..and….?

  • brian

    I was surprised to watch this and see that dude on the right who I would see out in LA who looked like someone else and because I mistook him for someone else it was revealed how much an asshole he was and that was 5 years ago, but now he’ll never look lower for going along with public marring of representative of a marginalized group coming from a marginalized group. Idiot!

  • logan767

    I know I’m probably the 10th person here to say it – but it’s unbelievable that the US Weekly guy is ready to bash Isis when he comes off as the most easily targeted fag I’ve seen lately. I guess anything for money – so go ahead and sell your own people out Drew.

  • Alexa

    At least Ian Drew continually referred to Isis as “she” throughout, that other pig was just disgusting. And, to be fair, she probably WAS included at least partly for the sake of ratings. What I can’t understand is why any self respecting gay man would go on a show like that and participate in that discussion in the first place.

  • Lil' tOmtOm



    GTFO IT!

  • GB

    Ian Drew looks like a woman too. Maybe she should have kept her mouth shout, she isn’t a “classy” pick either. Oh, and go easy on the weave next time. CUNT.

  • Tony

    I recall in the early days of gay liberation those brave souls who would step forward proudly to represent our community were bombarded with the same ignorant and hurtful comments. I think sometimes being laughed at can sting even more thsn outright proclamations of hatred. The message is that you are such a pathetic freak you’re not worth taking seriously.

    Go, Isis – I for one will be cheering you on.

  • girlwsumthinxtra

    First of all, Ian Drew looks like a tranny (and a bad one at that) and makes a fool of himself being chummy on FOX news with Jarrett…it totally reminded me of that token closet queen “jock” in high school who would gang up on the rest of the fags while everyone and their mother knew he was a fag too…SO SAD.

    Additionally, it’s SO nice that US magazine invited Isis to do an exclusive on her only to ambush her with their transbashing on FOX as the issue came to press. I’ve always said fuck FOX but now I can tell US to kiss my he-she/shim/shemale or whatever-they-are-calling-us-this-week ASS too.

    As for the supposed ratings thing–OH so FOX and US doesn’t do things for ratings or readership either, right? Get off your fucking high-horses you assholes. By the way, Tyra Banks has been featuring transsexuals on her talk show and America’s Top Model for YEARS and always in the most classy and supportive way. This is not anything new for her and she’s been supporting the GLBT community for years.

    And lastly, why the hell is everything involving transsexuals always referred to with some fucking “Crying Game” remark? “The Crying Game” is 15 years old! It’s about time we get some trans-visibility don’t y’all think so??

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Isis is more beautiful than Tyra!

  • lyssa

    Only on Fox News would a gay man openly trash a trans woman. Ugh.

    I guess you never heard Barney Frank on restrooms, or John Aravosis, or Citizen Crain or or or….

    Gays are funny when they are so clueless…

  • Lexy

    You can practically feel Jarrett the talking meathead’s boner welling up in his pants when he asks the US Weekly flamer about Isis’ anatomical package. I bet these two fucked with hats off after Drew threw that poor tranny under the bus. This kind of trash is definitely not gonna fly under our future Soviet rule.

  • megan

    How disgusting, I can’t believe they bash Isis just because shes a Tranny and they say Tyra wants her for ratings? Dude, even if she wants ratings at least she includes something we always ignor every day. I mean i don’t Isis wants to be born that way and its not her fault. At least Tyra gives her a chance to let her voice out to see the world of Trannys aren’t alone. 2 for one isn’t bad.

    Unlike these two bitches. That fat white cunt should seriously just die. He is so ugly inside and out and has no right to talk. Piece of crap.

    Oh and that ugly guy with long ass hair. Cut it off, its so not high fashion. This bitch does not know a single thing about fashion and he calls these girls “not classy.” That ugly ass didn’t even shave and look at his oily greasy hair, what the hell is that? And i can’t believe how contradiction he is and how hyprocritical he was. Antm wants ratings and wants to let these girls in just for it? Heather cycle 9 had asperegers, took stunning photos, Whitney was somewhat fierce, Twins were high fashion. What is this bitch talking about?

    Both of these pigs should be thrown with dog barf with cat poo, for saying that antm is for ratings. What the hell are they doing now? Bashing other people to gain more ratings yourself?

    I hate people that bring down other people, to make them feel better. Fox is a joke.

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