FOX News Gets Quiet When It Comes To Reporting LGBT Suicides And Civil Rights Victories

In the two weeks following Jamey Rodemeyer’s suicide, CNN mentioned the story nine times, MSNBC mentioned the story five times and Fox kinda-sorta mentioned Rodemeyer’s suicide once, though not by name. It was during a story about proposed anti-bullying legislation in New York. But don’t think that FOX News doesn’t cover gay news—oh they do… they just do it FOX News style!

In the two weeks following Rodemeyer’s suicide, FOX busied itself by producing nine segments criticizing Vanderbilt University for its non-discrimination policy prohibiting religious groups from excluding LGBT students. They also aired another two segments in defense of anti-gay student Dakota Ary and anti-marriage clerk Rose Marie Belforti. See that counts as gay news, right?

The LGBT rights group Equality Matters noticed that FOX largely underreported New York’s marriage equality, the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” repeal, Marcus Bachmann’s ex-gay clinic, and has regularly depicted anti-LGBT bullying efforts as radical and unnecessary. Equality Matters also notes that:

There’s a legitimate debate to be had about the risks of over-sensationalizing stories about bullying-related suicide in the media. Nevertheless, it’s clear that Fox’s approach – ignoring real bullying stories while attacking anti-bullying efforts – is aimed at making the problem of anti-LGBT bullying seem exaggerated and trivial.

So FOX does cover gay news, just not in the way you pinko, commie, liberal homos want.

Thumbnail image via digitalprimate