Fox News Homophobe Is Pissed That A Local Library Won’t Carry His Hate Manifesto

jpegFox News commentator and columnist Todd Starnes is pissed.

In a new rant published by Charisma News, Starnes complains that a little local library in Cordova, AK (population 2,285) is refusing to carry his latest hate manifesto book God Less America: Real Stories From the Front Lines of the Attack of Traditional Values.

Starnes, of course, has a rich history of saying really awful things about gay people. In 2012, Fox News sent him to cover the Brooklyn Gay Pride celebrations, during which he complained about “a gaggle of angry lesbians” and “militant gays” as he fired off a string of homophobic tweets. In 2013, he referred to a transgender woman as a “burly man wearing a dress,” and claimed Christian soldiers were being unfairly “punished” when the Air Force announced plans to crack down on homophobic. And earlier this year, he responded to Michael Sam‘s historic coming out by saying: “We are no longer allowed to have fun and enjoy sports or entertainment programs. How sad.”

In his latest rant, Starnes says one of his readers, a man by the name of Kanji Christian, tried donating God Less America to the Cordova Public Library earlier this year.

“The folks at the library said it would take a while for them to approve the book,” he writes. “A few months later, Kanji dropped by, hoping to find his donated copy of God Less America on the bookshelf. But the book was nowhere to be found.”

When he asked about it, the librarian allegedly told Kanji it wasn’t “something the community would be interested in.”

Shocked and offended, Starnes decided to take matters into his own hands.

“I called the public library,” he said.

Bullying employees of a small town public library over the phone. Classy.

Starnes demanded to speak to the librarian who rejected his book. She got on the phone and told him: “We have a really small library. Real estate on our shelves is very valuable.”

“That’s understandable,” he whines. “I’m just glad the Cordova Public Library has ample room on their shelves for the works of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and President Obama. No wonder they don’t have room for the bad boy of the literary world.”

Bad boy of the literary world? Really?

“I can’t say I’m all that surprised that the public library refused to accept my book,” Starnes says. “[T]hat’s how the tolerance and diversity crowd operates. They don’t burn books–they just ban them.”

When they’re written by horrible homophobes like yourself, Mr. Starnes, then yes. Yes, we do.

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