Fox News Honors Trans Day Of Remembrance With Touching Segment. Yeah, Right!

Yesterday was the Transgender Day of Remembrance, when individuals, organizations and media outlets memorialize the victims of transphobic violence.

Do you think Fox News took a moment to honor transgender victims of violence? Of course they did! And “by of course they did,” we mean they did the exact opposite.

Yesterday’s edition of Fox & Friends started with a news bulletin about Michelle Kosilek, a transgender woman incarcerated in Massachusetts who recently requested electrolysis. Unsuprisingly, the anchor can’t even bring himself to refer to Kosilek as a woman, stumbling over his words as holds back a gag.

The item served no other aim than to disturb—even outrage—its viewer.There was no mention of the medical and mental-health issues involved—or that, y’know, this is a human-fucking-being.

There was also no follow-up item revealing that Kosilek’s request was denied the same afternoon.

Look, we’re not big fans of Michelle Kosilek—as Robert Kosilek, he was convicting of murdering his wife a decade ago. But the quality of prison healthcare shouldn’t depend on how bad the inmate’s crime was.


Kosilek was in the news earlier this year for winning the right to have the state pay for her gender-reassignment surgery.

Source: Media Matters