Fox News Accidentally Uses Lesbian Couple In “Traditional Marriage” Article

fox-news-lesbian-kissOh, Fox News. What an ironic web you weave when first you fail to properly fact-check.

“It’s time to say what no one else will,” virulent anti-feminist Suzanne Venker boldly asserts in her article, “To Be Happy, We Must Admit Women and Men Aren’t Equal.”

According to Venker, “Feminism didn’t result in equality between the sexes – it resulted in mass confusion.”

Speaking of confusion, Fox News used a photo of two lesbian brides kissing to illustrate Venker’s point that men and women are not “interchangeable beings.”

The brides in question were Stephanie Figarelle and Lela McArthur, who were among the first gay couples to wed atop the Empire State Building last year on Valentine’s Day.

So Fox News‘ gaffe can be seen as something of an anniversary gift. “Happy one year anniversary! Everything you stand for is morally reprehensible!”

The photo has since been replaced by traditional male and female symbols of the restroom variety, which seems fitting since Venker’s article belongs in the toilet.

Photo: Facebook via Pink News

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  • Chad Hunt

    What? FOX News got something wrong! That’s like saying the sun is yellow. DUH!

  • Chad Hunt

    What? FOX News got something wrong! That’s like saying the sun is yellow. DUH! (or maybe they got it right because lesbians and gays have traditionally been married)

  • Me-Myself Missy

    They are such a beautiful couple, I wish them a life time of fantastically happy anniversaries!!!!!!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    This is so funny. I love it when FOX FUX UP. She-babe dyke too.

  • Thomathy

    Chad Hunt says:

    That’s like saying the sun is yellow

    Saying it twice doesn’t make it true. Since we’re being pedants (I mean, the happy couple is made up of two women), the sun is white.

    Although, Fox News so often gets stuff wrong that it’s perfectly understandable to compare any given statement of fact to such a revelation and infer that it’s true.

    But, yeah, ‘DUH!’

  • Chad Hunt

    @Thomathy: Well if we are going to get technical about it the sun’s color changes because of the prominence of either red, blue, or yellow spectral fluctuations in the electromagnetic waves. Ask any child though (and most of the posters on here act like them) what color the sun is and they will say yellow.

  • the other Greg

    “I’ll take Astronomy for $2000, Alex.”

    What is Yellow Dwarf?

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