Fox News’ Trans Apology Almost As Offensive As Initial Remarks
File this one under “half-assed.”

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld apologized for trashing trans man Thomas Beatie. And when we say “apologize,” we mean read outraged readers’ letters and defended himself by calling critics “fat faced” and “wusses.” He also tells people they need to “grow cajones like Thomas Beatie.”

We can’t say we’re surprised or expected anything less…

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  • M Shane

    I’m puzzled why you should ever epect anything but right wing progaganda lies and perversions from FOX. That anyone even watched that toilet is a sure indicator of their deteriorating minds. Bush buddy neocon Rupert Murdoh tells them what to say each and every day!

  • Maverick69

    Wet back? WTF ??

    Because the guys last name is Ortiz?

    I never even heard of this Jack-Ass until this story broke.

    Guess it’s all in a name Mr. Gutterfed

  • M Shane

    If you can catch the documentary “Outfoxed” it’s got all of the many jourmnalists who got jobs at Fox and either quit or got fired for being dictated to tell right wing lies. I was suprized, since I rarely watch tV how many faces I recogniozed. Murdoch fired two journalists in Florida for reporting on the threat of Mad cow disease, because Rupert owned cows there..

    I saw that he just got put on the board of the Assoc. Press. lol. .

  • CitizenGeek

    Greg Gutfeld is such an idiot. It’s obvious he’s reading EVERYTHING from a prompter. And even though someone else is writing his jokes -for- him, he’s still not even remotely funny.

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