WATCH: Fox News Gets Wet For Mitt Romney’s Sons

Though Fox News doesn’t have the raging political hard-on for Mitt Romney it openly had for George W. Bush — we mean, they should’ve just gay-married the guy and called it a day — the conservative cable channel seems to have a thing for Romney’s five virile and interchangeably handsome sons — Mitt Jr,  Oven-Mitt, Mitten, Mitthew and Glove…those are their names right? Anyhoo, who cares. For the morning show Fox and Friends, the Romney brood were introduced by playing the gayest song in the history of mankind: a cover of the Weather Girls’ 1982 disco barn-burning classic, “It’s Raining Men.” Host Brian Kilmeade looks ready to go out and let himself get. Absolutely soaking Mitt.

Source: The Raw Story