WATCH: Fox News Gets Wet For Mitt Romney’s Sons

Though Fox News doesn’t have the raging political hard-on for Mitt Romney it openly had for George W. Bush — we mean, they should’ve just gay-married the guy and called it a day — the conservative cable channel seems to have a thing for Romney’s five virile and interchangeably handsome sons — Mitt Jr, ¬†Oven-Mitt, Mitten, Mitthew and Glove…those are their names right? Anyhoo, who cares. For the morning show¬†Fox and Friends, the Romney brood were introduced by playing the gayest song in the history of mankind: a cover of the Weather Girls’ 1982 disco barn-burning classic, “It’s Raining Men.” Host Brian Kilmeade looks ready to go out and let himself get. Absolutely soaking Mitt.

Source: The Raw Story