WATCH: Fox News Gets Wet For Mitt Romney’s Sons

Though Fox News doesn’t have the raging political hard-on for Mitt Romney it openly had for George W. Bush — we mean, they should’ve just gay-married the guy and called it a day — the conservative cable channel seems to have a thing for Romney’s five virile and interchangeably handsome sons — Mitt Jr,  Oven-Mitt, Mitten, Mitthew and Glove…those are their names right? Anyhoo, who cares. For the morning show Fox and Friends, the Romney brood were introduced by playing the gayest song in the history of mankind: a cover of the Weather Girls’ 1982 disco barn-burning classic, “It’s Raining Men.” Host Brian Kilmeade looks ready to go out and let himself get. Absolutely soaking Mitt.

Source: The Raw Story

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  • Gigi Gee

    They’re creepy. Love the intro song. Priceless.

    I dated a Mormon once. I don’t recommend it. And no…I did not see the magic underwear.

  • Neo

    I got followed by two Mormons once, I live in the UK so it was particularly weird. Even me telling them they were founded by a schizophrenic and their entire system is false and proven to be a complete and utter lie they were completely unfazed and continued their efforts to convert me.

    That is terrifying brainwashing, I wasn’t expecting to force them into a revelation, I was hoping they’d fuck off but they just kept talking. Nutters, shame really to see people become shells of human beings because of their religion.

  • EvonCook

    Well, there was a time when the hari krishna guys used to dance around and try to interest one and proselytize. When they would come ring our doorbell, me and my roommates would answer stark naked and invite them in. Most fled right away especially if met with a hard-on, but a few came in and actually joined the party. Much easier thinking kindly of someone’s religion with their dick in your mouth. So now several friends have tried this with the hot, ever so clean and often cute mormon missionaries, and again most get at least tongue tied, say they’ll have to come back another time, or just flee probably thinking we are the devils of temptation. BUT, a couple of them have come in under the rubric of the challenge, keep talking religious nonsense, and once we see them getting a hard-on it all turns to fun and games. They can take those neat clothes off very fast and are hot studs underneath with cocks that stay hard for hours, probably from years of frustration. Honestly, I really like mormon cock and wouldn’t mind being a temple prostitute for the young and horny. Five sons are the only thing I like about Romney, and I would like to try to enlighten them all.

  • jkb

    @Neo: You should have dropped to your knees and attempted to unzip their pants. (Conversion can go both ways)

  • Greg

    Five sons and not a gay one in the bunch?

  • Greg

    @Neo: what was particularly weird? Being followed by two Mormons or living in the UK? What would you rather have been the reason for them becoming shells of human beings? What was the reason for you?

  • salvadorsol1

    I would love to have a mormon on top of me.

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