Major meltdown

Fragile, straight, white men are freaking out over Alex Jones being banned from social media


You’ve probably heard by now that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, host of the satellite radio series InfoWars, has finally been banned from Apple, YouTube, Spotify, and Facebook for hate speech.

And straight, white dudes are peeing their pants.

Jones has touted so many homophobic, xenophobic, racist, sexist, antisemitic, absurd, outlandish, and downright hateful conspiracy theories over the years that we’re not even going to waste our time going over them all.

We will, however, share this photo of him eating huevos rancheros in a random office room whilst shirtless:


After news broke that Jones was being yanked from pretty much every major platform that he used to promote his bullsh*t conspiracy theories, the hashtag #FreeAlexJones and #FreeInfoWars began tending.

Like we said, straight, white dudes are peeing all up in their pants...

Next came the #FreeAlexJones memes…

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Like him or not. Free speech isn't hate speech. #freealexjones

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And then they started taking pictures of themselves with duct tape over their mouths and the word “censorship” scribbled across it as a show of solidarity:


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Free speech is for everyone. #Freeinfowars

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#FreeInfowars Snapchat filter

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