Francis Gets In On Ronson Bashing

So, what do sleazy Hollywood dad Michael Lohan and sleazy Girls Gone Wild honcho Joe Francis have in common?

Well, yes, they’re both sleazy – that’s obvious – but there’s more than just that: both men hate DJ Sam Ronson, Lindsay Lohan’s lesbian girlfriend.

Mr. Lohan lashed out at Ronson earlier this year, calling her “hideous” and taking on her hygiene habits. Francis doesn’t care about Ronson’s cleanliness, but does have some less than kind words for the 31-year old, whom he describes as “very jealous:” “Samantha tried to start a fight with me. I care about Lindsay – she’s not gay. She’s being controlled by this…wretched woman, this Samantha.”

Not one to take a hit lying down, Ronson also lashed out at Francis in Page Six:

Ronson fumed: “I think he’s one of the more disgusting human beings in the world because of what he does . . . He’s a [bleep]bag.” Ronson says when Francis approached their table during a VMA party, “He said hello to Lindsay and looked over at me as if I wasn’t a human being. He’s got no manners.”

Meh. Can’t we just say everyone in this story’s disgusting and move on with our lives? No? Okay.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Lindsay Lohan, the only redeemable character in all of this, things Francis is bad news bears and has no right to be talking smack because, you know, he’s a total slime bucket and the such.