Frank Keeps Up Palin Attack, But Takes Aim Off Family

Democratic Congressman Barney Frank wants to set the record straight.

Though he said last week that potential Republican veep Sarah Palin’s family should be a matter of concern, he did not say they are “fair game.” Rather, the point the gay Democrat wanted to make was that Palin’s family woes – her sister’s divorce, her daughter’s pregnancy – are relevant because they undercut the right-wing’s moral-based arguments. So he wrote in yesterday’s Boston Globe:

The problems that have affected Palin’s family are part of the experience of millions of people who face the stresses and strains, moral dilemmas, and difficult choices of contemporary life. The right wing, of which Palin is one of the acclaimed leaders, rejects this view, and argues that it is the failure of many of us to adopt their particular moral view that is the cause of these problems.

The glaring inconsistency between the social philosophy that blames liberalism for divorce and teen pregnancy and the facts of Palin’s family life further underlines the serious shortcomings of that philosophy.

The right, writes Frank, sets up strict boundaries for others, but refuse to adhere to their own ideological underpinnings. And Palin’s one of the worst offenders.