Mystery revealed?

Frank Ocean opens up about his preferred sexual position… to his mom!

Is Frank Ocean a top or a bottom? You know you wanna know!

During the third episode of Blonded Radio, a new podcast on Apple Music’s Beats 1 hosted by Frank Ocean, a skit featuring the 29-year-old singer and his mother was played. The topic of conversation: anal sex.

In the voyeuristic skit, Ocean cracks a joke about the forbidden act to his mother.

“I don’t really have a [bleep] in my [bleep],” he says, alluding to bottoming.

Mama Ocean is shocked. Apparently, she doesn’t appreciate hearing about her son joke about his sexual escapades. And, honestly, we can’t say we blame her. That is her child, after all.

“Even joking about it, that something is wrong!” she scolds. “Is that what you’re saying you want? Oh my Lord! Is that something you’re saying you would like to experience? There’s nothing funny about it.”

“I was just playing,” Ocean laughs. “I wasn’t even talking about myself. I was talking about someone else.”


Honestly, we’re not sure what to make of the conversation. Was it really just a skit? Or was it for real? Was Ocean referring to himself? Or was he talking about someone else?

The whole thing, like the bisexual singer himself, is a bit ambiguous.

Listen, below.

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