Frank Ocean’s little brother Ryan dies at age 18

Frank Ocean & Ryan Breaux

Ryan Breaux, the younger brother of singer Frank Ocean, has died in a car accident according to multiple media reports. He was 18 years old.

CBS News reports that the accident happened early Sunday (August 2) morning in Thousand Oaks, CA. The car carrying Breaux and his friend Zeek Bishop crashed into a tree on the median while traveling south on Westlake Boulevard. The force of the collision tore the car in half and exploded in flames. Medical examiners declared both occupants dead at the scene.

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Reports say Ryan and Frank were close as brothers; Ocean even penned the song “Orion” as a love letter to his brother. “I remember when you were born ohh, how happy I was,” Ocean croons on the song.  “Cause if it didn’t go as I planned it at least you’d double my chances. It’s no pressure man, ’cause you’re special. I know you wanna get big and strong quick but don’t skip one second.”

Ryan, for his part, shared encouragement for his brother on social media. “Life was at its peak when this came out,” he tweeted July 27, along with an image of the song “Slide,” which Frank recorded with Calvin Harris. 

At the time of this writing, neither Frank Ocean nor his family has commented on the accident.