Frank: Palin Family Focus A-OK

Politicians, pundits and journalists have been debating whether or not it’s appropriate to discuss potential veep Sarah Palin’s pregnant teen daughter.

While families are typically off limits in electoral politics, the irony of young Bristol’s situation hasn’t been lost, especially since her mother’s a “family values” candidate.

Still, many think the scandal should remain personal. Queer Congressman Barney Frank, however, says otherwise:

[The GOP] made an issue of her family… Apparently she’s a great favorite with the conservative social movement. They have said that it’s liberalism and liberals who have undermined families — same-sex marriage has been a problem, they don’t want gay people to adopt … This helps undercut those arguments.

Well, hers is a family in great turmoil. She fired the state police commissioner because he wouldn’t fire her sister’s ex-husband. She has a daughter who became pregnant. That’s not her fault.

No, of course not, although we appreciate when any parent schools their child on safe sex. Babies are hardly the only thing one can catch from a bit of slip and dip.

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  • Jason

    He’s right

  • Dubwise

    You are also right!

  • Roy Pyatt

    BINGO! Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.


    Oh plz Dubwise! just finish licking Jason’s ass and don’t publicize it here.
    I’m just so glad this is the route the democratic turncoats are heading because they’re so stupid that they fail to realize the more they attack this woman and her family the more the numbers diminish in favor of Obama.
    This good for nothing LAMENDA author is just the latest idiot in the doomed front line.
    It’s pretty close to f*cking wet dream for me!

  • Dubwise

    I say this evertime I see one of your thoughts posted here, and I’ll say it again. You are a troll, take your racist/inflamatory remarks elsewhere.

    One good thing though, your campaign for internet tough guy of the year rolls on!

    Also, how is Jason’s or the author’s comments indicative of a turncoat?

  • daniel k

    I admit I’m torn about this, but it does highlight her hypocrisy. All the family values and abstinence talk didn’t seem to work so well for them. She trotted them all out, pregnant teen, infant, and I hear we’ll see the teen dad tonight, so she’s opened herself up to all of this. Did she even give the girl a chance to decide if she wanted to be involved in all of this? I read the kids thought they were going to Ohio to celebrate the parents anniversary.

  • todd

    Why does caribou barbie feel the need to parade her disgusting white trash life-style in our faces? Back in the day, teen mothers were kept in the house – not flaunted on a national stage as poster kids for abstinence education!!!

  • marco channing

    Palin’s teenage daughter underscores the lies and the hypocrisy of the extreme right even better than Larry Craig.

    And how is McCain a “maverick” when he is pandering to the far right of his party, even more so than Bush did?

    “Country First”, my ass. McCain’s motto should be “Evangelical Votes First”.

    What is truly scary, is that three time cancer survivor McCain would be the oldest President ever elected and statistically has a 1 in 3 chance of dying in office. If Mccain is elected, that almost guarantees Palin will be President.

  • Jason

    The corporate media projected Hillary as a victim and used her vagina to create news stories, but I don’t remember it hurting Obama, unless I missed something? Funny how your side attacked the hell out Hillary calling her a cunt, dyke, bitch, pantsuit whore and so on. And now all of sudden you have sympathy for this woman and your side is playing the vicitm role, the same role you accused Hillary of playing and exploiting. Spare me.

  • Jaroslaw

    Sorry to restate the obviously, but I must chime in. If the Republicans are going to say Same Sex marriage is going to ruin the family etc. etc. etc. then Sarah Palin’s family problems are NOT off the table. I’m not trying to be nasty to the Palins or play the game of one-upsmanship but fair is fair. The Republicans CANNOT have it both ways.

    Either family values are up for discussion or they’re not.

  • John

    I agree with Barney Frank, and calling the backward Republicans on their hypocrisy is a never-ending, but necessary duty. However, if you look at the polls, especially on a state-by-state basis, it seems pretty certain the Republicans are going to lose this one. Even Montana appears to be a sure thing for Obama. Knock on wood.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    The Republicans would no doubt prefer the debate to be on Family Values than tangible bread and butter Issues which Democrats should be Owning. Though, an interesting thing happened at the grocery checkout line. Sarah Palin knocked Barack Obama Off the front page news. After her obviously valedictorian speech tonight, she will return to being the New Darling of the Grand Ole Party. We, the “Angry Left” to quote our failed President will look like Carrie’s friends readying the pigs blood for the homecoming queen. We so easily fall into their stereotypes. Sometimes, ya just gotta pull over to the side of the highway and see how big the pile-up will be. This time, the Republicans will be accusing the media of being Liberal mudslingers. Hmmm, what would Hillary have done? Barack better enjoy his 15% lead in the Polls because it will likely shrink over these weeks.

  • garynyc

    Barney Frank…come on get real, old fag cocksucker with boy friend running escort from Franks basement…a real gay role model. Without the choppers in I bet he gives a great blow job.

  • Mr C

    Well do you give a good BLOW JOB?…..Maybe John McCain will let you munch his old ass white cock!

  • Alacer

    god, you people are gross.


    @ JASON

    “The corporate media projected Hillary as a victim and used her vagina to create news”

    You got it backwards dear, the Obama media projected Hillary as a monarch they needed to dethrone in order to get their savior win the nomination.

    “but I don’t remember it hurting Obama, unless I missed something?”

    Of course it did not hurt him for two reasons.

    1- For all the progressive labels put on the Democratic party it is clear that a good portion of people in it still think that sexism is Okay as opposed to racism.

    2- Non Democratic party members who in order to create chaos voted in those states that did not required party affiliation and contrary to popular belief voted for Obama because they knew he was easily beatable and they also knew that his arrogance would end up getting the best of him and unlike Hillary he would not choose her for the veep slot.

    “how your side attacked the hell out Hillary”

    Dear Jason if after all that I have written above you don’t still get it(and I wont put anything pass the stupidity of an Obamaton) let me let you know that I was a Hillary supporter and I’m also a Democrat.

    Now forget your boyfriend from hell Dubwise for a moment and be honest do you really believe that the same tactics, smears and plain blunt show of sexism that was displayed against Hillary by people like you in her own party during the Democratic primaries will work with the electorate at large this time?

    Let me say it again, people already saw this movie, they know the antagonists and the victim(a woman) and know where the media aligned with the Obamatons would like to take it but seldomly do people go for seconds. Especially when they have been left with such a bitter taste from before.

  • Dubwise


    You still haven’t answered the question I put to you above.

    I don’t know Jason. I have never met Jason. Just because I back someone up or agree with them doesn’t mean I am dating them.

    You sure do throw out a lot of red herrings.

    Again, you are a racist troll.

    Keep up the good work toward your internet tough guy campaign.

  • Mr C

    Dubwise Boo….

    Ignore that rats ass bastard child Clittyslittyshitty-UGH!
    She only hates Obama because the skin is darker and he beat “The Affirmative Action” Candidate madame Clinton as whom all her subjects felt she was ENTITLED to the position.

    So now she is onboard with the other white woman!get it WHITE! she is a true IGNORAMOUS!


  • Dubwise

    Mr. C

    I would ignore him if I wasn’t tired of letting this sorta trollism creep by.

    Besides, I sorta like the verbal jousting. Even though my last post was lacking. I’ll blame it on low lbood sugar…or something.

    Mr. C? As in the Shamen?


    How Obamaton like. You accuse others of being what you are (a troll). Anyways you annoying pain let me answer your question otherwise I fear I might get another Mr C in the making and I just don’t want to deal with two thugs on my back.

    “I’m just so glad this is the route the democratic turncoats are heading” – me

    “how is Jason’s or the author’s comments indicative of a turncoat?” – you

    Lets see, I was referring to the Democratic party members at large. A turncoat is: “a disloyal person who betrays or deserts”, “a person who gives up too easily”. If you and your beloved Jason were amongst those(like the majority of those in the DNC leadership) who where singing the praises of Hillary before the savior came into the scene and then flopped to his side then yeah you’re a fine example of a turncoat.


    Geez,I spoke too soon. In enters the disgusting DC orangutan.

  • Dubwise

    CHURCHILL-Y You are a JOY to have around.

    Thanks for the definition. It wasn’t needed, but THANKS!

    I am still unsure how you can say anyone here is a turncoat without proof that anyone actually did what you are implying .

    I haven’t sung the praises of any one candidate on this site. Feel free to search the site and look at all my quotes.

    Although searching your quotes on this site will turn up racism and your verbal/written violence against anyone who calls you out as the racist troll that you are.

  • Jason

    @ Churchhill-Y
    You are not a Democrat nor did you support Hillary. If you supported Hillary and what she stood for you would not go the opposite route and lick your boyfriend McCain’s ass, unless, you are a one of the bitter Hillary supporters I keep reading about or see on the corporate media news shows. I voted for Hillary, but I’m happy with Obama as he represents my views and beliefs. I guess I’m adult enough to wipe up the spilled milk instead of crying over it.

  • jerzyguy

    What many here are NOT noting is that Palin, accepted the offer for to be McSame’s running mate even though she knew her daughter’s pregnancy would be an explosive issue. She also accepted the VP slot as a mother of a 4 month old with a severe disability, who needs more care and one on one time than most other children.

    Yes her husband can be the primary care giver as many men have shown can be successfully done, HOWEVER that goes along the very religious conservative line of thinking that a woman’s place is in the home tending to her family, but yet they the right wing neocons seem to be ignoring their own “faith values” in this matter.

    Yes, her daughter should not have been put into they fray, but it was her MOTHER’S decision to make it front and center when she should have known better and choose to put her greed and ambition before her childrens.

    And to be honest, had she been a Democrat or a male VP with the same set of problems I would be equally vocal about their decision to drag in their families ESPECIALLY if it contrary to their parties “family value voters” supporters.


    What’s that foul smell coming out of the DNC headquarters?

    Obamatron diapers full of shit that’s what!

    Obama just lost the election.

    The next Vice President of the United States Sarah Barracuda ’08

  • Mr C

    What’s that foul smell coming out of the DNC headquarters?

    Your Momma’s breath go and buy her some Listerine Chittyshitty-Y

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