Frank: Palin Family Focus A-OK

Politicians, pundits and journalists have been debating whether or not it’s appropriate to discuss potential veep Sarah Palin’s pregnant teen daughter.

While families are typically off limits in electoral politics, the irony of young Bristol’s situation hasn’t been lost, especially since her mother’s a “family values” candidate.

Still, many think the scandal should remain personal. Queer Congressman Barney Frank, however, says otherwise:

[The GOP] made an issue of her family… Apparently she’s a great favorite with the conservative social movement. They have said that it’s liberalism and liberals who have undermined families – same-sex marriage has been a problem, they don’t want gay people to adopt … This helps undercut those arguments.

Well, hers is a family in great turmoil. She fired the state police commissioner because he wouldn’t fire her sister’s ex-husband. She has a daughter who became pregnant. That’s not her fault.

No, of course not, although we appreciate when any parent schools their child on safe sex. Babies are hardly the only thing one can catch from a bit of slip and dip.