Frank Wants “Trailing” Dem. Out June 3rd

Democratic presidential contenders Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are still duking it out.

Yesterday Senator Clinton released an ad taking on Obama’s “bitter” remark, which spurred Obama to release one of his own, which we’ve included above. Says Obama’s announcer: “There’s a reason people are rejecting Hillary Clinton’s attacks. Because the same old Washington politics won’t lower the price of gas or help our struggling economy.” All this fighting’s giving us a headache – and Barney Frank, too.

The homo-politico voiced his grievances yesterday, saying that the “trailing” candidate should drop out by June 3rd:

…Frank said the trailing Democratic presidential candidate should drop out of the race by no later than June 3 – the date of the two last Democratic primaries – even if it is the candidate he supports, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Probably sooner,” the Massachusetts congressman added in an interview Tuesday with The Associated Press. He suggested that the trailing candidate should drop out once it became clear that candidate had no remaining practical chance of winning the nomination.

Please, please let it be “sooner.” This shit’s making us bitter.

Meanwhile, we’ve included the aforementioned Obama ad after the jump…