Love is love is love

Frankie Grande dishes on being in a thruple, says “the triangle is the strongest shape”

Frankie Grande, former Big Brother contestant and brother of Ariana Grande, recently revealed that his boyfriend is married… to his other boyfriend.

Grande made the throuple disclosure at the only appropriate venue: Bette Midler’s Hulaween party in New York City.

“These are my boyfriends,” he told US Weekly at the event, introducing married couple Daniel Sonasohn, attorney at law, and Mike Pophis, a doctor, before quipping: “[It’s been] almost three months, but in the gay world it’s like five years.”

Now, in an interview with New Now Next, Frankie has elaborated on the relationship, which is still going strong after more than 90 days.

“It’s the most responsible thing I’ve done in a while,” Grande says. “A lot of people come up to me and say, ‘Oh my God, you’re in a throuple? I’m in a throuple.’ It’s been cool to see people do that as well. Love is love is love is love.”

And while the trio keeps busy schedules, Grande says they try very hard to make time for one another and another.

“Their schedules are so different,” he explains. “Mike is in his first year residency. He came off two weeks of just the night shift. Sometimes I’ll bring Daniel to events and sometimes Mike. We have crazy schedules, but mostly we do things as a threesome.”

He continues: “In each way, we are a complementary group. The triangle is the strongest shape, and each one of us brings the right amount to the relationship to make it sturdy.”

As for moving in together, Grande says it’s still a little too early for any of that.

“We’re still dating. It’s early stages,” he says. “I just moved into an apartment in Chelsea and I love it, and it’s good to have my own space and they have their own space.”

He adds, “I’ve been single for almost nine years now. I have not been in a relationship that’s lasted more than six weeks since then. So, approaching three months is looong.”

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