FRC: It’s Totally Okay To Kidnap Children Of Gay Parents

peter spriggsA leader of the Family Research Council has opined that its perfectly okay to kidnap the children of gay parents.

FRC senior fellow Peter Sprigg (right) was speaking with president Tony Perkins on Washington Watch last Thursday, when the conversation came to Mennonite pastor Kenneth Miller, who is being sentenced for helping “ex-lesbian” Lisa Miller flee to Nicaragua with her young daughter, rather than share custody with her former partner, Janet Jenkins.

Sprigg, author of Outrage: How Gay Activists and Liberal Judges Are Trashing Democracy to Redefine Marriage, told Perkins that Jenkins doesn’t have any parental rights because she’s not biologically related to the girl, and that the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act shouldn’t be applied in this case:

In normal marriage between a man and a woman the presumption of paternity was a presumption of something that is almost always true. But the Vermont court, which has allowed these civil unions, granted them all the legal rights of marriage, has converted that into a presumption of parentage whereby you are presuming something that cannot be true, something that is biologically impossible. That just shows how in the same-sex marriage debate we are flipping logic on its head.jenkinsmiller

And another aspect of this is that the law that Lisa ran afoul of—and that Kenneth Miller, this pastor, ran afoul of—is something called the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act.

It was designed again normally for the context of heterosexual marriages that break up, where there is a divorce and perhaps a custody battle between two parents who are both the biological parents — the biological mother and the biological father — who have divorced each other and it’s designed to prevent someone from taking a child and crossing state lines to another jurisdiction in order to get a more favorable court ruling. So the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act was designed to protect the rights of a biological parent so that they cannot have their rights violated by the other biological parent.

But here you have the rights of the biological parent being violated by someone who is not the biological parent at all. So again, the original purposes of these laws are being turned on their head in this case.

What amazes us is how easily Spriggs divides parents into biological and non-biological classifications: Millions of straight Americans adopt, foster, use surrogates and IV treatments, and otherwise parent kids that are not biologically related to them. Including, we can only assume, members of the FRC.

We’ve come to expect hatred and bile from folks like Sprigg, but it’s surprising he’d alienate his own base like that.

Source: Right Wing Watch

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