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FRC Pulls Ex-Gays Out To Fight Hate Crime Laws

Family Research Council’s taking their protracted war against proposed hate crime legislation to the next level. Hosted by FRC president Tony Perkins, the 40 minute documentary Hate Crime Laws: Censoring the Church and Silencing Christians hopes to “enlighten” voters on the “dangers” posed by hate crimes.

You see, in their tiny little minds, queer inclusive hate crime laws will be used to censor their anti-gay rhetoric. God makes no mistakes? Yeah, right!!

In an effort to build their case – and prove homosexuality’s elective nature – FRC drags out some ex-gay activist. One such mouthpiece, Worthy Creations founder Christine Sneeringer, maintains:

The idea that I would not be able to share my story, my personal journey of freedom from homosexuality, that someday that could be considered hate speech – that’s a scary thought for me, that I couldn’t share what God has done in my life. And that is why I feel that is very bad legislation.

She goes on to martyr the ex-gay movement. It’s a trip.

Ex-gays aren’t the only people FRC wrangled. In a surprisingly race-blind move, the non-profit enlisted some civil rights leaders to espouse their cause. Coalition of African American Pastors founder, William Owens, decries the link between the civil and gay rights movements as “frustrating and disgustinng” He goes on to say, “[Gays are] trying to hijack and take over the civil rights movement and make it their movement. They didn’t pay the price.” If Owens, Sneeringer and FRC get their way, it’ll be easier for people to make us pay the price.

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  • Dawster

    i wonder if it would help if people started targeting and beating christians?

    (beside islamic terrorists….)

  • agntriplx

    Holy crap! I know the two guys walking out of Cambridge City Hall.

  • justcav

    They’re all still gay. Unfortunately they’ve been brainwashed into denying who they are.

  • GoodBuddy

    The black minister who states that he has never heard of a gay water fountain needs some education. I’ve never heard of black people being ‘cured’ through forced hormone injections, castration, lobotomy, and staged executions using anectine (purified curare), either.

    I have heard of “No Queers allowed” signs.

  • Martini-boy

    I’ve heard of gay bashing, which in itself can be as fatal as lynching. Surely gay bashing is, as it currently stands, less institutionalized than lynching once WAS – that is, more a cause of one person’s bigotry rather than a collective social hatred – but is that not reason enough to pass the hate crime laws?

    People should NOT be bashed, beaten, threatened or made to feel less secure for whatever reason. That is unacceptable for a ‘free’ and ‘just’ society.

  • bustersmith

    Interesting propaganda, empty rhetoric.

    Although this crap is chilling, I do find the co-opting of rhetoric intriguing and indicative of necessary change.

    We know we’re winning when the Family Research Council has to resort to (ab)using the language and spirit of the civil rights movement of the ’60s.

    Dr. Hutcherson I am appalled at your distasteful distortion. “Your” civil rights movement was not fought for what?

    Both Dr. Hutcherson and William Owens are enacting a creepy and self loathing postmodern minstrel show motivated by nothing other than capital gains.

  • cjc

    If the Islamists and Christianists could be scooped up, transported to another planet and let themselves blow each other up, the world would be a better place.

  • Tallskin

    Whoaaaaa, this is really weird fucking shit! Who believes this crap??

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