FRC Says Shooting An Extension Of Obama’s Attempt To Demonize Christians

Wringing even more propaganda out of last month’s tragic shooting at their Washington, DC, offices, Family Research Council honchos Tony Perkins, Jerry Boykin and Ken Blackwell wrote an op-ed blaming the Southern Poverty Law Center and other progressive groups for “an open assault upon those with whom they disagree.”

Just in case their twisted message wasn’t clear, Blackwell went on WNDTV/Radio America to clarify that the triumvirate lumps President Obama in with SPLC, for branding right-wing Christians as “haters and bigots”:

We think that there is more and more evidence that the Obama Justice Department and the Southern Poverty Law Center work hand-in-glove and that’s disturbing because it’s investing an enormous amount of power that is subject to misuse in an organization that has a political motive in attacking those of us who are strong in our pro-life ethic and strong in our support of traditional marriage. And a Justice Department that is supposed to be neutral is, by all measure, an active participant in this clash of visions; not only this clash of visions but in this mislabeling of people who are exercising their fundamental human rights and constitutionally guaranteed rights as haters and bigots.

Every day of his presidency, [Obama] has done whatever it takes to undermine the Constitution and to empower a strong central or federal government which, by definition, has to be predicated on the weakening and the destruction of the family and chasing God and faith out of the public square or, at a minimum, silencing the church.

So I see this as an extension of that sort of mischief and that sort of wrongheadedness when he attacks those organizations that defend the pro-life ethic, defend traditional marriage, and defend strong families, and who advocate putting a harness on the growth and the reach of government.

If something untoward should happen to President Obama, we’re laying the blame squarely on Blackwell and the FRC for their “open assault upon those with whom they disagree.”

Source: Right Wing Watch

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  • Dakotahgeo

    These right wing facists need to understand that IF we REALLY hated them, they would all be dead by now. We’re just being kind by watching them quiver in their boots. Count your blessings, FRC, et al, that you’re still walking virticaly!

  • Guillermo3

    But wouldn’t it be nice to see Perkins and Blackwell
    married,with the minister of Westboro Baptist officiating?

  • MK Ultra

    Nobody is demonizing these chriatianists, except themselves and they’re doing a damned good job of it.
    In fact, every time they open their mouths, it’s propaganda for the Glbt community and anyone else who sees them for what they are.
    I mean, they make open terrorist threats against the president! They threaten violence and civil disobedience fueled by racism, homophobia, sesism, and just basic all around xenophobia. They fear and hate everything different from them. They are America’s exttemist’, far right nationalists.
    That’s what we need to remind people of. They are not just people with an innocent, different opinion. They are violent extremists who WILL take drastic and terrorist methods to get their way.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @MK Ultra: I can well attest to the faux christian idea that they are po’ perrrrrrrrsecuted chrischuns!!! As a commited Christian, ordained minister, I am also witness to the fact that IF said C(c)hristians are suffering or persecuted at all, it is by their or hand or actions. This is a strawman for those jokers! Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain (Ret. but very active!)

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Guillermo3: LOLOL… I would have rather had a hidden video recording of Pat Robertson, the late Jerry Falwell, and Jimmy Jo Dobson in a threesome and finding the results on Faux News by mistake. Oh, the joy, the friviolity! Thanks, Guillermo3!

  • Aidan8

    It never ceases to amaze me the amount of whining and pissing the christofascists display. Those poor oppressed evangelicals…. such a downtrodden and violated group.

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