Shooting at Family Research Council, LGBT Organizations React

UPDATE: The shooter has been identified as Floyd Lee Corkins II, 28, of Herndon, VA.
A security guard at the D.C. headquarters of the Family Research Council, the ultraconservative anti-gay Christian lobbying group, was shot today by an unnamed gunman.

“The police are investigating this incident,” FRC president Tony Perkins said in a statement. “Our first concern is with our colleague who was shot today. Our concern is for him and his family.”

According to police, the shooter was confronted by security upon entering the lobby at 10:45am and proceeded to open fire, wounding a guard in the left arm. The suspect was then tackled and taken into custody.

The FRC opposes gay marriage and abortion, and “champions marriage and family as the foundation of civilization, the seedbed of virtue, and the wellspring of society. Fox News reports that the shooter “made statements regarding [FRC] policies” before opening fire—and a Wikipedia entry claims he told guards, “Don’t shoot me, it was not about you, it was what this place stands for”—but there’s no indication the shooter was gay or a supporter of gay rights.

On the FRC website, though, the attacks have already started:

Grace: It’s really a shame that there are so many intolerant people in this world! Intolerance is going to get a lot of people killed because there is so much anger! Homosexuals are just as intolerant of religion and religious values. It really is a shame! I pray for your colleague that he is ok. Thanks FRC for the work that you do.

Wow, a Fundamentalist lecturing gays on intolerance. I guess we’re the ones who have brought violent rhetoric to the issue? Fortunately, another commenter offered a quick rebuttal:

Marina M: I am sorry to hear about the shooting. Even though I stand against your organization’s opposition to gay rights, I still don’t think it is right to shoot or harm anyone whether just an employee or a member of any organization no matter what cause it promotes.

In addition, a number of LGBT organizations—including  GLAAD, GLSEN, the Human Rights Campaign and the National Center for Transgender Equality—released a joint statement regarding the shooting:

We were saddened to hear news of the shooting this morning at the offices of the Family Research Council. Our hearts go out to the shooting victim, his family, and his co-workers.

The motivation and circumstances behind today’s tragedy are still unknown, but regardless of what emerges as the reason for this shooting, we utterly reject and condemn such violence.  We wish for a swift and complete recovery for the victim of this terrible incident.

Federal authorities are treating the incident as a case of domestic terrorism. This is the fourth shooting in as many weeks that’s captured the nation’s attention, following the Dark Knight shootings in Aurora, Colorado, on July 20; a mass shooting at Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, on August 5; and 30-minute gunfight at Texas A&M University on Monday.

Sigh, maybe the end times are nigh.


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  • Clockwork

    Control people! Control the impulses of your inner assassin.

    Stop and think before you try to become the next David Chapman, Squeaky Fromme, Eric Rudolph, John Hinkley, Theodore Kaczynski, Jared Loughner, James Holmes, Timothy McVeigh…..

  • cam

    Gee, what a shock, there is new news out about NOM ramping up their attacks on gays. And yet Lester Braithwait, who last ran an article about a peodophile, and posted it as if it was relevent gay news, rather than running any articles on NOM’s attacks on us. Runs an article painting the FRC as victimized possibly by gays.

    Did the Mormon Church buy Queerty?

  • Jorval

    When you preach hate, you get hate in one form or another…

    Wonder how it feels to be on the receiving end of such an attack?

    But that’s different. It’s okay when LGBT are beaten, shot, maimed and killed.

    Sorry I have no sympathy for any of them. They’ve helped create a toxic environment with their hate spewing rhetoric. Maybe they’ll learn from this and tone it down, but I suspect they’re going to milk the victim card for all it’s worth.

  • Neo

    @cam: It appears so, it is sad that Mormons have continued their advertising money pact from the previous owners of the site.

    They are a group of people who slowly worm into places of business and on the blogosphere, we had a group of Neo-Conservatives on our Binary newsgroup back in the day and those same names keep cropping up, some now edit “The Register” a UK based technology site that has taken a massive swing to the right since they assumed high positions. They did the same, they are paid by the GOP and groups like the FRC, there are also groups representing Westboro and other high ranking churches that assume roles in each sector to spread dissent.

    Judging by the posing style I think one of them has posted here in the past too.

  • kmadjescleve

    @Jorval: i totaly agree realy these people should think long and hard, we all all humans and 99 percent of the time these breaders are at fault, they sure as hell are not going to heaven with all that nastyness………..

  • Jay

    Poor choice of target picking on a security guard. There are others inside far more deserving of attention.

  • B

    QUEERTY: ‘Fox News reports that the shooter ”made statements regarding [FRC] policies” before opening fire—and a Wikipedia entry claims he told guards, “Don’t shoot me, it was not about you, it was what this place stands for”—but there’s no indication the shooter was gay or a supporter of gay rights.’

    I just checked the Wikipedia entry ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_Research_Council#Shooting_incident ) and it states: “On August 15, 2012, a gunman opened fire on a security guard at the Washington D.C., headquarters of the FRC. He was tackled and subdued by the guard whom he had just shot in the arm. Police arrested the gunman and was he interviewed by the FBI. The guard was taken to a hospital to treat his non life threatening wound.”

    So (a) the injury was minor (the guard couldn’t have tacked the gunman otherwise) and (b) the FRC Wikipedia article does not quote the gunman at all (and google can’t find any wikipedia page with that quote on it either).

    A Google search for ‘”Don’t shoot me, it was not about you, it was what this place stands for”‘ (without the single quotes) turns up http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/08/15/guard-at-family-research-council-shot/ which attributes the statement to unspecified “sources”. Meanwhile authorities don’t know the motive (at least, not yet).

    Finally, FRC is also a so-called “pro-life” group in addition to being an anti-gay group. Gays are not the only ones with a reason to dislike the FRC. Curiously, the gunman was apparently carrying a Chick-Fil-A bag, I presume due to it having something to do with his lunch. Why would a very militant gay guy not be boycotting Chick-Fil-A? That suggests (weakly) that he had some other issue with the FRC.

    For all we know, the quote was manufactured by FRC’s PR department or even by Fox News.

  • James M. Martin

    This organization has been listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. If the shooter was gay, he missed the target: Tony Perkins (the PAC man, not the actor), possibly the most homophobic individual (after Phred Phelps) in the country. Violence is no answer to any problem, though it should hardly surprise anyone that a militant gay person might snap in exactly the same way that the skinhead Nazi did at the Sikh Church. I mean, it happens. It should not, but it does.

  • ousooner1997

    @ Jorval. Exactly. You reap what you sow.

  • HenryCameron

    @ousooner1997: “You reap what you sow”? Funny how we throw out these little sayings without thinking about where they come from. Did you realize that’s taken from Paul’s letter to the Galatians discussing the nature of God’s justice? “7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. 8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.” And what fleshly pleasures did Paul think would bring destruction? Well, in Romans I, he said, “26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.” So Paul would say that we’re damned for being gay and the FRC folks will have eternal reward for glorifying God and for trying to get gays to turn straight and come to God, but I don’t think that was your intended point. I just thought it was an interesting irony.

  • Woody

    I often thought that the gay human rights struggle would come to this. History repeats. Ghandi and MLKing called for the non-violent struggle for human rights but there were those who became frustrated and angered by continued discrimination. Revolutionaries revolted violently against symbolic targets because of unjust and unequal laws. Remember the Boston Tea Party was a revolt against unfair taxation without representation and we eventually gained freedom from England. French royalty lost their heads because thier attitude toward starving peasants was to “let them eat cake”. India kicked out the unjust white overlords sucking the wealth from thier country. The Civil War was fought because of slavery then African-Americans still had to fight for civil rights. Maybe it is the natural course of evolution where the ruling elite must be smacked around a little to realize that allowing full rights to all is the correct path of humanity.

    If the Romans, 2000 years ago had fed all christians and jews to the lions, islam would not have split off from a non-existant monotheology, and we may not be having these problems today. (Hehe… religion=mythology)
    Hail to Priapus!

    Viva revolucion!

    Note: The above rant is to piss off the right-wingnuts who subversively post on our gay blog spot believing that we are ignorant enough to accept their divisive tactics.
    I, in no way condone violence nor have I ever been violent. Although, in a small way, I smile inside when I think of the possibility of what may happen if right wing, white religious fascists continue to keep us down.

    Viva Buddhism!

  • ousooner1997

    @ HenryCameron yeah. they come for the fairy tails collected n the bible. Looks like those fairy tails cam back and bit them on the butt.

  • Woody

    Really? The bible was a book of fiction put together to control the masses and give false answers to phenomena which was not understood. Any religion imposed on those who have the right to not accept mythology as truth is disgusting and wrong. Athiests understand that belief in religion is rooted in a lower form of evolution. Thousands of years from now future humanity will study our time and marvel at how christian and islamic mythology almost distroyed our planet. Unless, of course, we nuke ourselfs out of existance..

  • mike ramon

    Could this incident be the shot heard ’round the country, that us LGBT people will no longer accept the second class citizenship that has been put upon us by the ultra-conservative right and their allies. You can only keep people down with your feet on their necks and deprive them of equality, the same equality as straights. We will strike back, we have no alternative, it is the nature of the human species, its called survival. Keep it up right wingers you have held reign long enough.

  • Ian

    I’m a pacifist, but I’m finding it hard to feel any sympathy for FRC. If I’m totally honest, part of me wishes the gunman nailed Tony Perkins. Maybe I’m just sick and tired of having to put up with all the bullshit heaped on us by the FRC and other wingnut hate groups. I say fuck FRC and Tony Perkins. Maybe they’re getting a dose of the hate they spew daily.

  • Hephaestion

    I can’t recall when a gay person or a liberal was EVER involved in any kind of violence. Itis ALWAYS conservatives who go on shooting rampages or other acts of violence & thuggery.

    The FRC used to have on their web site lies suggesting that most gays literally eat feces. They got all their lies from discredited ex-Doctor Paul Cameron, who is obviously a self-tormented closet case.

  • Joel J

    It’s laughable but true that these right-wing fundamentalists who support FRC see themselves as victims of modernity. Didn’t the Bible tell them so, that they would be persecuted for their beliefs? FRC uses its anti-gay fear-mongering for its fundraising campaign. This incident is more likely to increase donations than not, unfortunately.

  • Rob S.

    Yeah, Gay Inc. IS pretty intolerant of anyone they disagree with. Dan Savage is a prime example of how bullying is excused if you’re into the Gay Inc. group think.

  • Woody

    @Rob S.:
    Is the Mormon Cult part of Christian Inc.? Or are Mormons tolerated only when battling democrats and gays? You know, the enemy of my enemy is my friend…
    I am intolerant of anyone who discriminates against me.
    If a religion kills and bullies homosexuals for 2000 years and then gays begin to rise up against discrimination sanctioned by your mythology you cry about intolerance?
    Boo hoo, get used to it, whiner…

  • F Stratford

    Methinks this is orchestrated by FRC itself. A false flag.

    Let’s wait for the official investigation.

  • Stenar

    @F Stratford: I was thinking the exact same thing. For one thing, crazed gunman always come from the right.

  • cam

    The media keeps describing FRC as a “Conservative Christian Group.”

    Just curious, would they describe the KKK or a Skinhead group like that? Of course not. The fact is, they hate gays and the media is still somewhat ok with that.

  • Aidan8

    @Rob S.: Hey Rob… blow me.

  • joel

    @Jorval: Most gay bashings are men reacting to crimes the gays did. Drugs are gay. They should make it a crime to do sex change mutilations. It’s good to be bigoted against gay & lesbian sexual behaviors just as it’s good to be bigoted against crack junkyism. Again, drugs are gay.

  • Joel J

    @joel: A demonstrable case of the perpetrator calling himself the victim to justify his ignorant bigotry.

  • Erick

    @cam: LOL! It’s lunacy and utter hogwash to compare the FRC to the KKK.

  • stopgaysandhomos

    @Joel J: It’s bigotry with facts that gay/lesbian sexual behaviors are comparable to drug junkyism because people who do gay/lesbian sexual behaviors more likely to be drug junkies. It’s best for homosand lesbians to quit gay/lesbian sexual behaviors even if orientatoin doesn’t change and the transexuals are worse-abolish sex change maimings.

    Also I’m pro-abortion if it can be predicted unborn baby will do gay/lesbian activities or will be transexual. Abort homosexuals and transexuals-it’s same as aborting retards. Finally, I’m a non-religious person who sees something wrong with gay/lesbian sexual activities and who sees something wrong with sex changes. Methew Wayne Shepard was who he was.

  • B

    No. 17 · Hephaestion wrote, “I can’t recall when a gay person or a liberal was EVER involved in any kind of violence. Itis ALWAYS conservatives who go on shooting rampages or other acts of violence & thuggery.”

    According to http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Security-guard-for-conservative-group-shot-in-DC-3790208.php it appears that “Corkins who had been volunteering recently at a community center for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, made a negative comment about the organization’s activity before the shooting, but the reference was not specific, one of the law enforcement officials said.”

    Note that the article did not claim he was gay or a liberal, although social conservatives generally don’t volunteer at LGBT community centers. Even what he was volunteering for is not clear, although more may be reported later. He could even prove to be an airhead like the Earl Williams character in the movie “His Girl Friday”. While I found a youtube clips of it (according to Google) with a picture showing the right seen in the search results, you can’t view it without signing into youtube because films made in the 1940s are not rated (the film would be G, although much of the humor is geared towards adults).

  • bill(Guillermo3)

    @stopgaysandhomos: I see your brain
    implant surgery was unsuccessful.Too bad_but your former posting
    tag[forgot what it was,for the moment]was at least cute[something
    about snow?],even though your comments were equally moronic,
    Concerning your desire for abortion of gays,it’s remarkably
    similar to what a fascist wished for in the film “The Conformist”,
    except that he also included Jews in his wishes for prenatal
    extermination.One problem,though,sgah,and that’s that sexual
    orientation is not likely to be detectable inutero.However the
    condition of being acephalic is:Your mother missed her chance.
    On a more sympathetic note,stopgaysandhomos:Your vicious hatred
    of gays & junkies makes me think that you suffered early abuse.
    Perhaps your father was a queer addict_Are you,by any chance from

  • antiJorval

    @Jorval: it’s only hate because they don’t agree with you..the reality is gays are full of hate against anyone who has a different opinion about marriage(an opinion that is shared by the majority of the world for a LONG time..so by your logic it would be perfectly fine for Christians to shoot up atheist organizations who “preach” hate against them(not that Christians would do that because unlike atheist,liberals and gays they are tolerant)

  • bill(Guillermo3)

    @antiJorval: anti(Auntie?)Jorval,
    Are you REALLY SAYING(do you REALLY BELIEVE) that ALL Christians
    are tolerant?The witches of Salem,the Jews & Moors of renaissance
    Spain,the family of the gay marine whose funeral was picketed by
    members/leaders of Westboro Baptist Church,victims of the KKK,
    which burns crosses in the name of 50,000 Christian Martyrs,
    Mr.Scopes of Tennessee,thousands of Reformation Protestants,
    the “Indians” of the Americas,and on and on and on,etc.,etc.,etc.
    might disagree.
    2NDly:All[!] liberals,atheists,gays are intolerant?!!!!
    Regrettably,SOME are_some of the most racially bigoted people
    I’ve met were/are gay.It seems that subtlty and distinction are
    beyond your capabilities.

  • stopgaysandhomos

    @bill(Guillermo3): Visited Portland Oregon in 2001-only time I’ve been there. It’s predictable you’d go into fascism but I admit I want to create perfect people. Gay & lesbian sexual behaviors goes against idea of perfect people & homos & lesbians are comparable to retards-you Bill or Guillermo must be a homo retard. Are you by any chance American Indian or part American Indian because American Indians have higher homosexuality rates as it’s believed a Squaw (American Indian woman) smoking pot during pregnancy is linked to homosexuality of fetus so further proof that drugs are gay. Transexuals as said are worse than the gays.

    Aborting homos, lesbians and transexuals makes world a better place. Even if gay’s sexual orientation doesn’t change, it’s best for them to be celibate as it’s about ending gay/lesbian sexual behaviors even if orientation doesn’t change. What I write about harms of gay/lesbian sexual behaviors & harms of transexuality are facts just as it’s a fact that Pam Spaulding is a Black Crack lesbian who also farts & shits. My guess Bill or Guillermo is that you’ll next deny that Pam Spaulding farts and shits.

  • stopgaysandhomos

    @bill(Guillermo3): Something more, I’m not a Christian but I see something wrong with gay/lesbian sexual behaviors, so it’s not just Judeo-Christians who oppose gay & lesbian sexual behaviors. I’m a non-religious person who sees something wrong with gay/lesbian behaviors and who sees something wrong with sex change maimings.

    Since you raise American Indians, if you’re going to repeat idea that land was stolen from them, that is a Myth. When American Indians wanted land, they took it from another tribe by force. Creeks took land from the Choctaws and Chicasaws by force & were proud winners. Apaches took land from other Amerindians by force and were proud winners. Comanches came in and took it from the Apaches by force and were proud winners. But when the American Indians lost the lands in wars, then they became sore losers and complained about ‘stolen land’ when they had no problems using violence to get land.

    Aztecs, Incans, Mayans used violence to get land, had human sacrifices. Tainos (Arawaks) and Canibs fought eachother for territory. American Indians were not noble savages but primitive savages. I’m not Europeans but Catholics treated American Indians anywhere from better to @ worst no differently from way the American Indians treated eachother. Difference is that Europeans were last group to arrive in Americas and they did better job than what the American Indians did to eachother.

  • Guillermo3

    @stopgaysandhomos: @stopgaysandhomos: Replying to both of your insane comments(had to stick to the 2 most recent,as they’re all insane,because:A):I have things to do & B):I know better than to waste my time arguing with a FOOL LIKE YOU,stopgaysandhomos.
    Your abilities to read appear to be severely limited,and your capacity for comprehension bizarrely twisted.
    I never mentioned American Indians,or Native Americans in responding to you,so am puzzled as to why you bring that up.However,I am,in fact, one eighth Cherokee.
    I have no idea who Pam Spaulding is,certainly didn’t mention her,and have NO INTEREST in knowing.
    I feel more and more certain of what I surmised in 2 previous posts addressed to you:1] That you are a very guilty,very self-hating,very much in denial homosexual,or that you are PAINFULLY INSECURE in your sexual identity__
    That that may be the source of your anger and hatred of gays. 2] That you have ben the unfortunate_let’s say TRAGIC_
    victim of a gay predator,and that she or he may be/have been a drug abuser.That is why I mentioned Portland_Like much of the Pacific Northwest,that city has a huge number of addicts,many of whom are parents.I know the daughter of one such unsavory junkies.
    In any case,I would appreciate knowing your REASONS,YOUR JUSTIFICATIONS for your HATRED and SEEMING OBSESSION with LGBTs.NOT more allegations/name-calling,but FACTS.
    Your references,stopgaysandhomos, to religion,specifically Christianity, puzzle me,as I have only mentioned that in response to another poster’s upholding of Christians as models of tolerance. My own religious views are in a frequent state of flux,but for now,I’d describe myself as an EX-Christian.
    A COHERENT response would be appreciated.

  • stopgaysandhomos

    @Guillermo3: William, Bill Or Guillermo. It’s no surprise you’d raise that I’m a ‘repressed or latent homo’ because that’s like saying I’m a repressed junky because I oppose drugs. But little about me. I used to be neutral on gayism/lesbianism but in late 2004, I changed my view to now thinking it’s best to cure this even if orientation doesnt change. My parents came from Bengal and Hinduism is neutral on homo/lesbian topic. So my reasons for being against gay/lesbian sexual behaviors are unrelated to faith.

    I changed my view on homosexuality because sex abuse especially repeated homosexual rape in youth is major cause of adult homosexual behavior. No, not all boys who are homosexually raped will do gay/lesbian activities in adulthood, but likelihood is more and you don’t need to be expert to understand that homosexual rape messes up mind. Gays often have higher suicide rates because many were homosexually raped in youths and this can mess up minds with homosexual behavior, drug junkyism and suicides.

    Most gay/lesbian groups are apologists for transexuality. If gays and lesbians simply lived their own lives, didn’t push thir views on others and were against sex change maimings, then that’d be 1 thing. But many gays/lesbians don’t do that. They push their views on homo/lesbian sexual behaviors on others and they’re apologists for sex changes and I believe they should make it a crime to do sex changes.

    Gay/lesbian sexual behaviors goes against the idea of perfect people. Normal sex is penis/vaginal sex between man and woman. People do gay/lesbian sexual behaviors do to bad events in life such as sex abuse or if it’s biological a birth defect though they haven’t proven it’s genes. Yes, I admit I’ve had bad experiences with homos which has shaped my view. But we should try to find cure for gay/lesbian sexual behavior such as pill, shot or surgery which changes a homosexual’s sexual behavior from homo to straight. Hope that answers though it’s incoherent.

  • Joel J

    @stopgaysandhomos: Is your last name Mengele by chance?

  • stopgaysandhomos

    @Joel J: It’s no surprise you’d ask me if I’m Auschwitz Dr. Josef Mengele. But I have admitted that I want perfect people & homos/lesbians go against idea of perfect people as again, homosexual & lesbian sexual behaviors are useless and inferior with transexuals being worse. If you’re pro-choice on abortion, then don’t complain about my view supporting aborting unborn homos, lesbians and transexuals. World is better place without sex change mutilations and without gay/lesbian activities.

  • Joel J

    @stopgaysandhomos: To err is human. The perfect human does not exist and your goal of achieving human perfectability through eugenics is doomed to failure. A better world would be one where racism, homophobia and religious bigotry no longer exist.

  • Woody

    Aah! I think your anger is because you are an untouchable coconut and you were discriminated by brahmans. Is it true all hindus have very small penis?
    Maybe if hindus were all aborted you would not be concerned with our lives.

  • stopgaysandhomos

    Again I’m a nonreligious person-parents came from Hindu but not a religious person. No, not member of Untouchable or Harijan caste. But Joel J again, it’s good to be homophobic just as it’s good to be drug junky phobic. The narrow minded view that I have about homosexual & lesbian sexual behaviors being useless and inferior is the right view. It’s good to be against sex change maimings just as it’s good to be against people smoking crack. Sometimes the narrow minded view is the right view to have such as it’s good to be narrow minded against drug junkyism. I’ve thought about my narrow minded view and decided my narrow minded view is the right 1.

  • bill(Guillermo3)

    @stopgaysandhomos: Well,stopgaysandhomos
    (I liked “funsnowfall” better__At least that was cute,even if your
    remarks were just as hateful,uninformed,and baseless)thanks for
    You are correct:Your reply is,as usual,somewhat incoherent,but
    clear enough to give me some information.I have spent a good bit
    of time in India,and know that while there are probably no
    specific Scriptural prohibitions on homosexuality,there are is
    a great and general Cultural bias.Often homosexuality,as
    an orientation,is treated as if it doesn’t exist.However,
    religiously,for many millions Shiva,as the Primal Male is
    worshiped,and the penis[Lingam]is God.I don’t know,of course,
    whether you are a practicing Hindu,or not,or if you are to
    which god/gods you are devoted.
    Certainly,stopgaysandhomos,you must know that nothing in Indian
    religion is simple,single,or clear-cut.That’s why I find your
    vehemence against gays in general,and of TRANSSEXUALS in
    particular curious:Do you not know of ardhanarisvara,Shiva as
    Man/Woman?,or of Shiva/Vishnu as one male god?
    This is probably useless,but I’ll try anyway:As usual,you
    make allegations,but offer no evidence/no references &
    sometimes you are just plain wrong(for example you claim that
    gays and lesbians accept[“are apologists for”]sex change.The
    facts are that it is almost always incorrect any opinion or
    characteristic to whole groups of people AND that a frequent
    complaint of some transgendered people is that “mainstream”
    gays don’t either accept them,or care about their concerns.)
    You say that:1] gays and lesbians “push their views on
    homo/lesbian behaviors on others”Who does?What evidence do
    you have? I imagine little or NONE.
    2]You seems to believe that homosexual rape of kids occurs
    frequently and that the victims are prone to become homosexual.
    Do you have any statistics,evidence,or facts to back those
    claims?Again,I suspect you DO NOT.
    3]”Gay/lesbian sexual behaviors goes[sic]against the idea of
    perfect people.” Whose idea?What are perfect people,and who
    decides that? You?How?Why?
    4]In another post,stopgaysandhomos,you said that” world
    is better place……without gay/lesbian activity”. Why?How?
    Finally,sg&h,Elsewhere,you said that most of your opinions
    were posted on the FRC’s site.Why would any decent human being
    read or write for those homegrown fascists?

    .What is your evidence that homosexual rape[you seem
    to think that occurs frequently.Any basis for that belief?]causes
    the victims to become homosexual?I expect you have none.

  • bill(Guillermo3)

    I just wasted a couple of hours writing a long message
    to you(useless,I’m sure),and come to learn that you’re not
    a harijan asshole,but just a plain asshole.Too bad your
    origins aren’t in Bihar!That area’s famous for producing arrogant
    As for deciding that your narrow minded views are right:So What?
    I’m sure that many Nazis,Klansmen,and Republicans were/are sincere.

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