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FRC’s Peter Sprigg: Being Gay Makes Young Gays Want To Kill Themselves

That creates hopelessness. It is more loving and compassionate to say you don’t have to be gay for the rest of your lives.

—Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, who fears repealing DADT will lead to more gay rapists, claiming that being gay is what makes young people want to kill themselves, not the bullying they receive for it [via]

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    If this pandering disgusting hatefull vile scumbag has another facelift, instead of figurativly talking out of his asshole he will actually be doing so…….

  • Jack

    What’s that THING on his head? Was the human hair “God” gave him not good enough!?

  • Mark

    What an evil fucker that guy is.

  • meego

    @Mark: Agreed. Everytime these bozos open their mouths, they make themselves look more and more pathetic and desperate.

  • Cam

    That is exactly the same line of reasoning the clerics in Saudi Arabia use. “She was raped because she was outside by herself. It is her fault.”

    Hey douchebag, they don’t kill themselves because they are gay, they kill themselves because idiots like you atack, beat, harass and convince their parents to throw them out of their homes onto the street.

  • ForeverGay

    Heterosexuals washing their hands clean of the anti-gay bigotry they spread and the results it cause. But you won’t hear any public gay person acknowledge heterosexuals are the source of anti-gay bigotry/ heterosexual supremacist beliefs because they are cowardly and enablers. Instead they want us to pretend that the Old Testament or some political ideology is the source of anti-bigotry/ heterosexual supremacist beliefs.

  • Dallas David

    I wonder why the earth doesn’t open up beneath these people and just swallow them up whole.

    This is tortured logic that ignores the gay kid’s abuse.
    What this guy is saying is just more abuse to the kids.

    I don’t know if they can possibly sink any lower than this — to kick gay kids when they’re down.

  • Latebrosus

    “That creates hopelessness. It is more loving and compassionate to say” give up making money by proselytizing Christianity on TV for the rest of your life.

    How’s that instead?

  • Yellow Bone

    He’s a pig. Fuck him and his “research” council.

    Eventually, the religions which oppress the LGBT community (and have oppressed other communities in the past) will fade away. It’s natural, and if history tells us anything, it is going to happen.

  • McMike

    So gay.

  • Steve

    Classical “blame the victim”. The bully-in-chief again refuses to accept responsibility for his own actions.

    The science is pretty clear on this … being gay is not a choice. But, being a bully, is. He could easily consider the cost in lives of his continued bullying, and decide to stop.

  • dizzle

    Yeah, this dude sucks. I hate how these clowns are even given a platform. Why won’t the mainstream media interject every single time they claim to have their ‘facts’ and just hammer out the real science and study behind it. There are not two sides to this story. It’s not just going to be chalked up to a different opinion. These people are wrong, dangerous and huge assholes. The haters must be stopped at all costs.

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