FRC’s Tony Perkins: We’ll See How Gays Have Destroyed The Military In About 2034

Has America’s military completely collapsed in the first year after repeal? Of course not–our service members are too professional to let that to happen.

But these challenges are only a non-story because the media won’t tell the story. We need only look at no-fault divorce in the 1970s to recognize that radical shifts in public policy take decades to fully manifest. No one can honestly deny the impact that no-fault divorce has had on children and the institution of the family. Within 20 years of the introduction of no-fault divorce, we saw the acceleration of cohabitation, single-parent homes, and unintended pregnancies. By the time Americans recognized their mistake, it was too late.

Let’s hope the same isn’t true for our brave men and women in uniform.”

– Family Research Council head Tony Perkins, warning of the coming disaster, in a press release.

h/t: Joe.My.God