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Fred Karger Knows You Laugh At Him And Other Gay Republicans

Fred Karger, soon-to-be official gay Republican presidential candidate, understands why everyone LOLs at the idea of gay Republicans. “Many leaders of the Republican Party have led the effort of gay bashing; certainly here in California going back into the 70s when I got involved,” he says in a Big Think interview. “It has been the republican elected officials, along with a few, kind of, minor celebrities who have really been the major offenders in this.” So what’s he gonna do about it? “I am trying to bring the Republican Party back to its roots of Lincoln and Roosevelt because I think it’s so important. It’s gotten hijacked by a few far right individuals that have abused the gay issue to win elections and that’s wrong. And I hope to set that record straight by considering running for president myself. And there’s a lot of basis to the Republican Party which is still very prevalent in this country; you know, less government, where as that’s contradictory to some of our leaders. But the government should stay out of our private lives, and that’s a Republican philosophy.” Which is nice and all, but if America elects Fred president, who’s going to find out that his chief target, the National Organization for Marriage, has been ramping up its fundraising and spending year-over-year?