Fred Karger, Tim Pawlenty Not Big Enough Draws For 1st Republican Debate

Because only Tim Pawlenty (and Fred Karger!) have filed their official paperwork announcing their intention to run for president, there really aren’t enough GOP candidates to draw a television audience to warrant the pomp and circumstance of what’s traditionally the first Republican debate of each presidential season. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation is postponing its “Reagan Centennial GOP Presidential Primary Candidates Debate” from May 2 to Sept. 14, meaning the first scheduled debate will be May 5 in South Carolina. Maybe by then Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee will have made up their (official) minds. And remember, candidates: It’s not how well you do in the polls, but how much money you raise and and television soundbites you deliver.

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  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)

    Not a big enough draw? After all the work he has done for the GOP? I guess the love of $$$ is the bottom line.

  • CockyRocky

    I am continuously and thoroughly amazed at the hate that pours out of this website toward Republicans—even toward the groups like GOProud and Log Cabin who are fighting to get more acceptance from those who oppose homosexuality of any kind. Before your hate so consumes you that it leaves you a bubbling pile of protoplasm, you must understand that it’s the RELIGIOUS right who hates us, not Republicans. Just like blacks, hispanics and muslims on the Left hate us. So stop categorizing all Republicans as homophobes, and get used to the idea that not all Democrats hold you near and dear to their heart. Like we’re discovering about Obama, just because someone says they’re on our side doesn’t necessarily make it true.

  • RepubLickin

    @Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England): If you’re from England, John, why are you so concerned about U.S. politics? If you’re so desperate to be an American, perhaps you should start by going to the dentist.

  • justiceontherocks

    @CockyRocky: those aren’t bad points except: (1) the GOP spends a lot of time sucking up to the religious right, and (2) the correct phrase is “bloated sack of protoplasm,” made famous by Ren impersonating Peter Lorre.

    But your point that our civil rights campaign would be further along if we didn’t act as a wing of the democrats is 1000 per cent correct.

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