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Fred Karger Wants ‘To Change The Republican Party,’ As If What The GOP Really Supports Is Change

Fred Karger, who hasn’t asked a single Queerty blogger to join his presidential exploratory committee, celebrated yesterday’s formal declaration to run for president like any politician: with a media appearance. “Being a gay Republicans is kind of an oxymoron,” he tells CBS News. “I have been a fighter in my party, I have always been on the more moderate side but I’m also a protege of Lee Atwater. We need to open up this party and that’s one of my reasons for running. The party should not be dominated by one faction or another. It should be open to all.” COMMIE!

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  • justiceontherocks

    He’s a protege of Lee Atwater. That makes him a snake. End of discussion.

    Just more proof that being a ‘mo doesn’t make you a good guy.

  • Riker

    So Queerty, are you telling me that we should just accept that a third of the country will hate us for all eternity? Karger may be on a Quixotic mission, but at least he;s trying to DO something about it. We can’t continue to ignore Republicans and try to steamroll them, because we’ll never get our rights without cooperation from both parties.

  • Squatty

    @Riker: You hit the nail on the head, my friend. For some deranged reason, Lefties seem to think it’s their duty to wage war with the GOP rather than try to find common ground and rational debate. So very progressive of them.

  • Jim Hlavac

    @Riker: Riker, so true. Gays must somehow sit down with those who don’t like us, and take the initiate even — to at least live in peace if not embrace. And you know, I’ve been flitting around the Right wing blogosphere, to see what gay discussion was going on, and put my two cents in, and what I discovered is that there’s three parts of the Republican Party — there are those who are actually pro-gay marriage, weirdly enough, even if just “civil unions” and the word the problem. And then there’s those who are swiftly coming to the conclusion that it really just doesn’t matter, and at least call for stopping ludicrous attacks on us and try to find some common ground, anything. And then there’s the Implacable. These are Fundamentalists.

    And what I noticed is that the first two groups are fast becoming very fed up with the Fundamentalists. The first two groups are about fiscal sanity, taxes, spending, defense, and such (agree or disagree as you like.) But they truly can’t see what gays have to do with any of that. And the Fundamentalists are just crazy, and it’s more obvious every day.

    And in this paradigm shift coming, some have suggested to me that they would rather see the anti-gay fundamentalists join the Black Baptists as anti-gay Democrats and make a Who-cares-about gays party versus the anti-gay party. It’s going to be quite some political crack up, that’s for sure.

  • jack e. jett

    I would like to see this guy take it as far as he can.

    I am constantly amazed at how much the Log Cabin folks are for more organized that gay Democrats.

    Greedy Mofo’s like Joe Solomese have hijacked the gay dems and have become far more money hungry that gay republicans.

  • Brian Miller

    Maybe if gay Democrats spent less time complaining about Karger and more time getting a gay man or woman into the Dem contest, we would be better helped?

  • Fitz

    It’s ironic, I guess, to advocate change for a party whose thesis is: change = bad.

  • Riker

    @Fitz: And yet, the Dems aren’t all that supportive of change either. Or did you fall for Obama’s “Change we can believe in” mantra?

  • JusticeontheRocks

    @Riker: You’re of course correct about the Democrats. It has always been a complete mystery to me why the gay establishment is married to one party. Anyone who who has ever bought a car knows you always get a better deal when you threaten to go to the dealer down the street. Why we can’t learn that very simple lesson I will never, ever understand.

    That said, I want nothing to do with any protege of Lee Atwater. You can trust them as far as you can throw the Empire State Building.

  • Riker

    @JusticeontheRocks: Doesn’t that statement go for politicians in general?

  • Bobby the Four Year Old

    Don’t fags get tired of being hypocrites? Fags bash Republicans because they deserve it, but let Democratic homophobes off the hook. Just a reminder: DOMA was signed into law by Clinton, DADT was implemented by Clinton, Feinstein introduced a repeal of DOMA with no chance in hell of passing just so the Democraps could pose as “LGBT advocates” in time for an election.

    Republicans oppose gay rights. I neither question nor debate that fact. But if you’re gay and you believe that the Democrats support gay rights, you need to put down that crack pipe and go down to your local marriage license office.

    And just a reminder, folks: Wall Street’s boy in the White House just did what George W. Bush would NEVER have been allowed to get away with: make war on yet another country (no money for queer youth, but plenty of money for bombs?)

    The gay basher who kicks you in the face three times instead of five times is not BETTER. Fags, you need higher standards. Stop being so easy.

  • Jeffree

    @Riker:,@JimHlavac:,@Just-Ice: Amen–it’s too easy to just be binary and divide the world into good/evil. We need allies on both sides of the aisle. There are still a few moderates on the Repub side, and the TeaPartyists’ day in the sun may not last forever as they seem to be getting treated more & more like plutonium, & don’t fit in well with the country-club crowd too well.

    The Repubs aren’t doing much other than pushing social issues these days, forgetting their roots & ignoring the economy — the issue that surveys keep saying people care most about these days.

    Let’s not forget that the Republicans were key to the DADT repeal vote. Maybe some of them did it for the wrong reasons, but they voted for it nonetheless.

  • whatever

    @Squatty: you sound like a huge idiot, no offense. karger calls himself a protege of lee atwater like it;s a positive thing. we are supposed to be cheering on this moron?

  • whatever

    @Riker: gah. another conservofag who let’s republicans off the hook because he likes tax cuts.

  • whatever

    @Jim Hlavac: Hillary will never, ever be President. You got that?

  • Riker

    @whatever: Did I say I let Republicans off the hook? No, I didn’t. I’m talking about doing our best to court them and win them over, rather than trying to pretend they don’t exist (which really hasn’t been working out for us, has it?)

  • Gay Republican

    @Squatty: Bigotry against all Republicans is a Core Progressive Value!

  • Soupy

    I like that bit about compromising. The dems are constantly bending to the Repug will. No public option, no tax hike for the rich, etc. But I can’t recall many issues that the repugs have ever compromised.

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