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Fred Phelps: Fags ‘Ought to Be So Thankful’ Westboro Isn’t Charging Them

Hell is the place where the worm eats on fags, and the fire is never quenched. Indescribable pain. The Lord Jesus said that. And he knows because he’s had a front row seat since the creation of Adam. What you need to do is get a Bible and look up Luke, Chapter 16. These fags are going to hell, and instead of squawking like crybabies, they ought to be so thankful that at no expense to them, we’ve dedicated time and resources to preach to them. People say we’re “disturbing the peace.” Don’t you understand: we’ve done 40,000 of these pickets, and we’d be in jail if we were disturbing the peace.

—The always insightful Westboro Baptist leader Fred Phelps, who also notes that when it comes to other religious leaders, “about half of these preachers and priests are closet homosexuals–I mean practicing homosexuals.” [via]

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    Fred Phelps: You are a vile despicable, hatefull, reprehensive, disgusting stain on humanity. You and you vile band of inbred scumbags have caused heartache for hundreds of Mothers and Fathers attempting to nothing more than mourn their loss at the funerals of their sons………

    And you wicked old fool, you have the afterlife so misconstrued that it is truly laughable. Satan wants no part of us Gays. We are for the most part attempting to simply live our lives in peace as we were created. You on the other hand are truly one of Satans special targets. And most assured he has a special horrific corner of hell specificaly reserved for you and your evil wicked band of inbred savage scumbags to suffer his most enduring pains and torture for all eternity ……….

  • Ricky Wuz Here

    AWWWWWWWWW!!!! So he DOES care about us! How sweet of him. It’s unfortunate that I’ll have to go to Border’s to check out a bible but that is neither here-nor-there as I believe Jesus isn’t quoted as saying that at all. Maybe he did. Maybe God hates “fags”. Or, maybe hell is actually a “special” place for gays because God couldn’t make heaven fabulous enough for us, so he created Hell, which is full of glitter balls, confetti, Sex-on-the-Beach drinks, Amaretto Sours, hot (literally) go-go boys and girls, rampant-fun sexuality, and crazy-sexy-cool costume parties (not a televised sport game in sight). Oh wait… this describes Hell for most straight people. Why would they want to go there? LOL!

  • Bill S

    Well, if, according to him, we’re doomed to suffer eternal torment at the hands of the needlessly sadistic God he’s chosen to believe in, I guess that means we should try to have as much fun as we possibly can since our only chance for happiness is the time we spend here on earth.

  • Gridlock

    I hope cancer devours your organs as slowly as humanly possible. I want you to be trapped in a sick, painwracked and dying body for years.

    I want your suffering to echo across eternity and I want to relish your misery.

    You failed human being, you basest of unthinking animals, you mental protozoa.

  • Queen Kong

    When the Ku Klux Klan condemns another hate group on their website, you know how universally reviled they are.

  • Steve

    For someone who prides himself on “Christian beliefs”, this man knows the Bible like he knows what sanity is like. Luke 16 is all about greed, not fags or what Hell is all about. For God’s sake, someone get this man a Bible.

  • Ogre Magi

    What a turkey turd!

  • Molly

    He needs to get a hobby, because, clearly, no one gives a shit about his screwed-up beliefs that have no basis in truth or reality.

  • Mac McNeill

    I wonder if we can go all 2nd amendment on him and get away with a light sentence or even justifiable homicide?

  • Ken S

    I’m definitely not advocating for any *person* to go murdering anybody, because among us mere equal mortals there are laws against that sort of society-collapsing behaviour. I’m just saying that *if* I had god-like powers, I would smite that evil motherfucker’s backwards little incest-rape dungeon compound from the face of the Earth. I’d remove him from it, turn the whole place into a molten crater, then drop him back into the deepest, hottest part of it to watch him “burn.”

    And I’d consider it a gift to Humanity- the INhuman power to do what feels righteous, even though our ethics and our philosophy of “equality and rights and freedoms” tells us it’s wrong. Whereas I believe it’s ‘just us’ having to muddle our way through the universe, constructing morality to maintain some kind of civilisation, *if* there were “higher powers” capable of enforcing ‘intuitive’ justice– a tyranny of right and wrong– I firmly believe they’d pass judgment on sick-as-fuck Phelps and his ilk without hesitation.

  • Scott in NYC

    When will the media stop covering these freaks. Their scumbags second only to being publicists. They’re playing the media and instead of the press closing them out, they happily trot along with this charade.

  • Geoff M

    There was a BBC documentary on Phelps and his clan….the public crazy doesn’t compare to the private crazy. Their children have actually gone to college to be their lawyers. Frighteningly sick.

  • Cam

    He is the best friend we have ever had. When anti gay people go on TV and act polite, or when pretty people like Miss CA. say things like “No offense, it’s just my religeous belief”….people forget that what they are saying is 100% the same as what Phelps is saying. They are just saying it quietly.

    He does us the favor of showing the public what homophobia is without it’s mask of politeness. His views aren’t any different than Carrie Prejean, they both think we’re going to hell, he just isn’t saying it with a smile on his face while wearing a sequined dress (That we know of).

    Even Fox News has had to come out and attack this group. He has made the homophobes, more hated and dispised by the viewers of FOX, than actual homosexuals, as Daniel Tosh would say…”And for that, we thank him!”.

  • kevinVancouver

    as a non practicing Christian and a born again athiest …. I would have no problem with someone putting a bullet in him.. I don’t need to do unto others, or turn the other cheek, I do know that someone like him that spews poison and toxic hate speech really has no place on this planet.. buh bye prick


    @Mac McNeill: I am amazed that a grief stricken family member at a funeral has not plowed a car into this band of inbred scumbags who are taunting the family with signs cheering on the death of their loved one and showing their glee at their passing as of yet. I am 100% sure there would be at very least one juror voting not guilty in any jury box or there being a accepted plea of temporary insanity………

  • Rev. Chad Burgess

    Luke Chapter 16 states NOTHING about homosexuality, seems this fred phelps character didn’t READ that part before he said it, however it DID state that it is okay to lie and cheat your way into Heaven, and “God” is perfectly fine with it, as long as your slave owner tells you to! I believe the bible mentions ” Beware of False Prophets” so this statement “Hell is the place where the worm eats on fags, and the fire is never quenched. Indescribable pain. The Lord Jesus said that.” just landed the homophobe a one way ticket to his beloved “hell”

  • Gary B.

    I’m almost grateful for this guy. He’s so over the top and so out of his fucking gourd that he makes the entire anti-gay movement seem ridiculous and extremist.

    Seriously, the amount of people that come out to protest his protests if anything just galvanizes the LGBT community and their supporters. I would bet his message if anything creates far more LGBT supporters than it could possibly create, because he’s only going to attract the absolute fringe of the nuttiest right-wing conservative Christian crazies around, and he’s going to turn off a lot of people who are on the fence.

    His anti-gay rhetoric is so out there that I personally find it almost hard to be offended – it’s so absurd that it borders on the comic.

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