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Fred Phelps’ Favorite ‘Shoot the Fag’ Game Gets Yanked From Web


Homophobia in video gaming is such a growing concern, GLAAD put on its frowny face and launched an effort to combat it! They’re even getting gaming blogs of the non-gay-specific variety to talk about their cause. So GLAAD must be thrilled to learn an online game that has players shooting homos (before the homos rape the player) has been yanked offline. Without GLAAD even noticing!

Watch out behind you, hunter!, hosted on the entertainment site Uzinagaz (based in Georgia, the country), has been entertaining players since 2002, arming them with virtual guns to hunt down the fags running nude through the forest and blow bullets through their heads. If players don’t murder the homos quick enough, the naked gays “tag” the players, raping them. And it’s shown on screen!

What’s not to love?

But caving to pressure from a gay advocacy group, Uzinagaz has removed the game from its site, but not before the owners acknowledged: “Our games are not politically correct. They’re aimed at teenagers (12-18) and it’s true that they’re of a juvenile humour. I realise now that this one in particularly could be found shocking, but I believe that you should be able to make this kind of joke in the name of freedom of speech. Incidentally, not everyone in the gay community was supportive of banning the game.”

And here’s the rub: It wasn’t GLAAD that pressured the site into pulling the game, but the group Gay Armenia. GLAAD’s blog has yet to mention what’s arguably the first major milestone in fighting homophobia online since it took up the cause … that it had no part in.

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  • DeAnimator


    Where was ANYONE else on this. Oh, I forgot, no one cares about the gaming world because it only influences, what, ALL of the world’s youth.

  • ...

    it’s still on a lot of other websites. It really sucks though, the controlls are impossible. I only got to level 4 before running out of ammo and not being able to get any more.

  • Jon B

    I kinda wish I knew about the game before it was taken down… it would have been fun to watch animated naked frolicking gays rape that old hunter dude with the gun.

  • M Shane

    “Shocking”! The effect of something like this in a kids mind is far from shocking. This is exactly the kind of thing that incites otherwise indifferent or unjprejudiced people to violence. That it is presented on the web is horrendous. It should be illegal as contributing to violence.

  • ...

    @Jon B: if you want to play it all it’s still available.

    The headline should have been “yanked from one particular website”

  • Jake the libertarian

    Ha! Love it! Btw, have a little faith… No one is going to shoot a fag over this. Frankly its over the top nature just sheds light on the cause. Jeeze, get a sense of humor.

    I say the same thing to the gay Nazis as I do the feminist Nazis… Learn to laugh at yourselfs or you’ll never get a man

  • Sean

    The game is still up and working fine. Another BS story from Queerty but why should we wonder…They have Bang Bus Ads and porno ads. I’m not surprised. Do a google search for “watch out behind you hunter” and you will go directly to the game.

  • hyhybt

    I’m just curious about the directions in the illustration: every Mac I’ve ever seen had a Control key.

  • Jaroslaw

    Why bash GLAAD for “not knowing” about every website on earth?

  • raphael

    OMG!!! I played this game! It was 9 years ago… But I remember this.

    I lost the site about 8 years ago and was never able to find it again. I was 12 at the time of paying this.

  • galefan2004

    Yes games make people violent and guns kill people. That is insane. If you want to start with games that go against the gays then pay attention to some of the behavior, actions and language usage in MMOs. However, the truth is that the people that play such games are part of an audience that also has shown in every pole that they simply aren’t that homophobic.

  • schlukitz


    Why does it not surprise me that you would support a violent game that targets gay people as the target of a gun?

    That’s about as “sporting” as Palin killing a deer with a high-powered rifle equipped with a telescopic lens from a helicopter at a distance of 50 feet.

    But the, you probably think that is cool too!

  • schlukitz

    Typo. “the” should read “then”.

  • Joanaroo

    As someone who is even sensitive about shooting video flying ducks I actually wouldn’t mind a game of shooting the protesting wackos that gives you points for knocking out Phelps and his protesters and puts them under a pile of dirt with a headstone. That wouldn’t bother me any!

  • SM


    All these extreme people are the best advertisements you all need for marriage equality. It’s the moderates you need to convince, not the religious right or whackos.

    Sink to their level and turn off the moderates and you will spin your wheel. The closer you all get to marriage equality, the more freaked out the religious crowd will get.

  • youcanthandlethetruth

    Just tried the game – it’s hilarious!

    Pity you homosexuals can’t take a joke and laugh at yourselves. After all homosexuality is pretty ludicrous if you think about it!

  • Faghater

    When I went to visit the UK, it was shocking to see so many perfectly normal men turn out closet homosexuals; faggotry is so rampant in the UK that given an opportunity, these homos would downright rape you without second thought (especially if they happen to be stronger, I’m someone of average height and build). I was accosted by these people in a friendly manner; I thought we were just having a conversation when suddenly they would drop the hint in a subtle way, “I love your ass can we go to my place because I want to butt-fuck you”.

    I’ve been playing “Shoot the Fags” since 6-7 years. Luckily, that made my mind alert to spotting homosexuals wherever they are.

  • Marky


    Glad you spoke up. Not all of us queers are so tight-assed. Pun intended. Ha.

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