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Fred Phelps Gets His Day In Supreme Court

Hoo-ah! It’s the beginning of the end for Snyder v. Phelps, the fight between the father of Matthew Snyder, the Maryland Marine killed in Iraq, and Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church. The Supreme Court today hears oral arguments from each side in a lovely showdown over the First Amendment. Who will prevail! Who will be defeated! Why is there not a voiceover announcer screaming “Lets get ready to rumble!”

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    Would much rather be hearing about the so very overdue court case where a relative of a fallen soldier of Gay person used a SUV as a battering ram to send these vile band of inbred savage disgusting reprehensive scumbags directley into the special corner of Hell that Satan has reserved especially for them……………

    All it would take would be a single juror to do the right thing……….


    ^ ^ ^ …fallen soldier or Gay person……… ^ ^ ^

  • Matt

    Phelps will win. The court has a long standing history of supporting free speech that conforms to local, state, and federal laws which Phelps has. According to an NPR story,, Phelps calls law enforcement before a protest to alert them of his presence. The first amendment is to protect fringe speech. Speech that the majority would seek to hush. Even if it’s speech that most, including myself, disagree with.

  • Cam


    No Matt, the 1st amendment protects you from harrassment by the govt. for your speech. If your speech is determined to be damaging to another, then the first amendment does not protect you from civil penalties like monetary damages. i.e., the govt. isn’t going to throw Fred Phelps in jail, but that has nothing to do with whether or not the court will allow the father of that fallen soldier to sue them for harrassment etc…

  • maxpower

    @Cam: I know you’d like the courts to drum up a magic reason why he can’t do this, but he can. Maybe the next time you take part in a peaceful protest you should take a moment to be grateful that you can’t be sued for doing so.

  • Pitou

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: I have OFTEN wondered not IF.. But WHEN someone is going to run these scumbags down, and then back up and do it again. I bet theres a lot of families of fallen soldiers who are packing some crazy mad heat!

    I can all but promise you it’ll happen soon enough. It’ll be at a military funeral..

  • whatever

    She’s obnoxious, but she is correct.

  • xxl maroc

    There are no “privacy rights” beyond the Fourth Amendment’s unreasonable search and seizure and not quartering troops in private homes. That idea was the figment of the imagination of an earlier Supreme Court. So it is really just a question of free speech verses disturbing the peace.

  • kaderade

    Funny thing, Fred. For us to be one of like 3 developed countries to not even let gays serve openly, it is wild to hear you call it the “faggot army”. Obviously it isn’t, darling.

  • kaderade

    For us to be one of like 3 developed countries to not even let gays serve openly, it is wild to hear you call it the “faggot army”. Obviously it isn’t, darling.


    @Pitou: 100% Co-sign. And ya know the saying “be carefull for what you wish for”……….I was just listening on the radio to clips of that disgusting inbred scumbag witch margie spewing how “if people want to keep calling fallen soldiers heros we will keep on protesting because they deserve to die”. All of a sudden there are going to be a whole lot more people exposed to and aware of the venom these scumbags spew. And I am hoping one soldier with PTST logs on to their site, sees where their next protest is and does the oh so very right thing to these band of scumbags……..

    And to the two (so far) who have given me a thumbs down on post up above: Fuck off.

    These scumbags have been torturing Gay famlies for decades. Harrasing and putting as much hurt on grieving famlies as possible when they are at the lowest point a family and loved ones can be. And heres another nugget for the defenders of these scumbags, as soon as they become of age they go to law school so bascially they can file endless appeals and motions at no cost to them to torture famlies as long as they can. For years they have been waging a battle to errect a statue of “Matthew Sheppard in hell” in his famlies home town. They have renderings and schematics of the statue which they have introduced into the case to make sure as many people as possible see it……..

    They are beyond reprehensive, they truly are the scum of the earth

  • Richard Lincoln

    Well, I would think that assault would be protected under the first amendment too. I’m gonna assault everyone I know because apparently it is my right…..what a bunch of bull shit, not what the first amendment was meant to protect. I live in KC and have seen these worthless idiots around town several times and I can tell you that being run over by a truck would be too good for them…except for the innocent children that they have holding up hateful signs unknowingly.

    Shameful, worthless and annoying!

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