Fred Phelps’ Granddaughter Recruits Family To Pose For NOH8 Campaign

Libby with her
Libby with her “first gay friend,” Blake, in 2013.

The exodus of the hateful Westboro Baptist Church continues this week, as former member and granddaughter of the late Fred Phelps poses against homophobia for the star-studded NOH8 campaign.

Phelps was raised as a child of the Westboro Baptists — she was one of those terrified-looking children they force to hold “God Hates Fags” signs on the side of the road, the kids your heart pains for every time there’s a new obscene protest. She famously defected from the Church in 2009, began working with the Equality House, and announced that she’d devote her life to fighting for gay equality.

She’s passing her newfound beliefs onto her beautiful family, whom she brings along to spread the NOH8 message. “The message is simple,” she says. “No hate. We want people to be happy, healthy and hopeful.”

Libby is just one of several former WBC members that have left the church in order to pursue work in LGBT advocacy. Last year, Megan Phelps,  24-year-old granddaughter of Fred Phelps, left the Church and revealed that she had been excommunicated and was no longer allowed to associate with her family.

After the death of Fred Phelps, who reportedly took a more accepting position in his final days, his 55-year-old son Nate Phelps came back into the spotlight. Nate left the church in 1980, moved to Canada, and became an author and LGBT rights advocate.

Many have wondered what the fate of the WBC would be post-Fred. Could this tweet be the beginning of a road to ruin?