One of a kind

Freddie Mercury’s isolated vocal track from “Somebody to Love” is an absolute powerhouse

Is there a more musically unifying song in the universal jukebox than Queen’s 1976 anthem “Somebody to Love”?

Try it out sometime — at the park, a BBQ, wherever it is you go when you aren’t reading internet articles. Put it on and watch the faces around you light up. It’s infectious.

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While the accompaniment certainly does its part, it really all comes down to Freddie and the incredible soul that oozes out of everything he sang (not to mention that 4-octave vocal range).

You know where this is headed…

Below, check out the nerve-tingling isolated vocal track from Freddie Mercury singing “Somebody to Love.” We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — we miss you, Freddie.

Now wipe away that tear that fell down your left cheek and give Marc Martel a watch (or a re-watch):