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Freedom To Marry’s Oversimplified Explanation Of Why It Deserves Your Donations

The Human Rights Campaign’s Joe Solmonese long claimed to have a “road map” to achieving equality across the land. He just wouldn’t let anyone take a peek. (This is different from HRC’s road map to repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which was shared, but wholly ambiguous.) Now here comes Evan Wolfson’s Freedom To Marry, which recently took on Mark Solomon as national campaign director, releases the above video describing its own road map … to achieve marriage equality. It goes like this: 1) Convince more state lawmakers we’re not disgusting perverts and deserve marriage rights; 2) Con more neighbors and friends into believing we’re equitable members of society so they might write letters to their legislators, or at least respond favorably when quizzed by pollsters; and 3) Get DOMA overturned and do other federal-y stuff. Freedom To Marry describes this as their “three track” plan. Curiously, the National Organization has the same three-track plan, but it operates in reverse.

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  • Danny

    The only thing people need to do to get equality is come out as LGBT or as an Ally to your family, friends, and neighbors. Start or join a LGBTA equality group in your hometown – big or small – so that there is always a local voice for equality and human rights. Then, encourage others to do the same.

  • JamieMcG

    I think it’s an excellent video. Your headline is not only insulting, but it’s misleading. The organization never once asks for donations in the video, it asks people to sign a pledge. It is not a pledge to donate, it’s a pledge for people to continue telling their stories.

    The video is brief, and while it does not define every tactic, it will hold the attention of the LGBT community and its allies for the 1:37 they spend watching it on Facebook.

    It would certainly be a nice thing to see our LGBT blogs and writers begin supporting the work of those organizations working on our behalf as opposed to attempting to tear them down.

  • Andrew

    @Jamie – So true. It’ s ridiculous how much people just like to be a critic on the sidelines

  • Luke

    I think I’m instituting a new rule whereby I refuse to give money to any gay action group that refuses to use the color pink in their branding and communications.

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