French Comedian Bombs With Gay-Marriage Opposition

Frigide BarjotThe French are notorious for their inscrutable sense of humor, but French comic “Frigide Barjot” isn’t joking when she says she opposes marriage equality in her homeland.

Barjot (real name: Virginie Tellene) is an odd spokesperson for France’s anti-equality movement, which is populated mostly by right-wingers and Christian groups: She made her name in the 1980s with public stunts that poked fun at Gallic institutions. (In 1984, she staged a demonstration blaming a particularly frigid winter on President Mitterrand.)

But Barjot, a born-again Catholic, hopes to bring together some 200,000 people for a nationwide protest on Sunday against the Socialist government’s “marriage for all” law.

The outspoken personality claims she’s not homophobic, citing her friendship with her first boyfriend, now gay, and a quarter-century working in LGBT clubs as proof.

“I do not deny gay love and I’ve got nothing against gay culture,” she told right-leaning daily Le Figaro for a portrait published on Friday. “But I cannot condone the introduction of a new type of marriage into France’s civil code.”

Stick to the yuck-yucks, madame.