French Court Fines John Galliano For His “Dirty Jew” Mouth

This past February Dior designer John Galliano had a few drinks at a Paris cafe and called Geraldine Bloch a “dirty Jew face” and an “ugly, ­disgusting whore,” saying she had “ugly eyebrows” and “cheap thigh boots,” and hurled anti-Asian slurs at her boyfriend before threatening to kill her. Dior fired Galliano and yesterday a French court slapped him with a “suspended fine” of €6,000 ($8,400) that will go on his criminal record, €16,500 ($23,200) in court fees paid to the eight complainants, and a symbolic €1 ($1.40) in damages to each one as well.

Ooooh. That symbolic dollar and forty cents must BURN! If we were one of the complainants, we’d be like, “We demand payment in wheat pennies and one JFK half-dollar.” Good luck finding those, sucka!

Galliano said he doesn’t even remember the incident as he was spaced out on glamour, job stress, alcohol, and Valium. He has since apologized, condemned racism, and gone to rehab where we will learn to love the Jews… and quite possibly, himself. (sniffle)

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