French Android App Answers “Is My Son Gay?” And “Am I Stupid?”

Hey random French parent! Want to know if your son is gay? No need to have a heart-to-heart conversation or pay attention to their social habits—just download a $1.99 app and let a 20-question computer program decide for you. It’s just like letting a robot raise your kids! Quelle moderne!

A French Apple Android application program called “Is My Son Gay?” helps concerned parents assess their child’s fruitiness by asking if their son has athletic prowess, enjoys reading the newspaper, or has a live-in dad. The app then tells parents if their son is probably gay and they should just “accept it” or whether “You have nothing to worry about… you have a very good chance of being a grandmother with all the joys that brings.”

Even better, downloading the app instantly tells you if your kid has “un parent stupides.”