French Minister Pushes UN, EU For Gay, Women’s Rights

As France’s security forces keep an eye on “radical” gay groups, like ACT-UP, Junior Human Rights Minister Rama Yade, seen here looking quite lovely, today pushed the EU and the United Nations to take more progressive stances on women’s and gay rights, respectively:

France is to call for a European Union drive to tackle violence against women worldwide and for the United Nations to step up action against homophobia, the French human rights minister said on Wednesday.

France, as holder of the six-month EU presidency, hopes to “set the criteria for EU intervention” in the fight against violence towards women, including by mobilising Europe’s diplomatic networks.

Paris also plans to submit a draft declaration to the UN General Assembly in December aimed at combating homophobia and decriminalising homosexuality, which is punishable by prison in 90 countries and in theory by death in six of them, Yade said.

The European Union, too, could use a bit more gay progress – countries like Turkey and Poland continue to repress the lavender set.