French Politicians Are Freaked Over Tabloid Outing Of Gay VP

Florian PhilippotThe vice president of France’s far-right Front National party has been outed by a French tabloid.

The Telegraph reports that the new issue of Closer magazine features photos of Florian Philippot and his boyfriend on a recent trip to Vienna along with the headline “Yes to love for all,” evoking France’s recent “Marriage for All” bill which legalized same-sex nuptials.

The move has outraged French politicians, whose private lives typically go unreported in France. And it’s super awkard for the Front National party, whose attitude toward gay folks has run the gamut from ambivalent to homophobic. FN’s leader, Marine Le Pen, slammed the tabloid, calling its revelation about Philippot “a very grave violation of individual liberties.”

Even members of opposing political parties spoke out against the privacy breach. Nicolas Bays, a straight MP who in January made headlines for promoting marriage equality his way, labeled the magazine’s actions “unacceptable,” saying, “Even if I abhor [Philippot’s] ideas, the right to a private life is sacred.”

Closer‘s editor, Laurence Piau, said the magazine’s decision to run the photos was in the public’s interest. “Florian Philippot is a high-profile figure, he’s the most invited guest on morning media shows after Marine Le Pen, and the FN is a party like any other” she told Europe 1 radio.

Philippot says he will file an official complaint against the magazine.

Thankfully, the American press would never do such a thing.

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