French Wrestlers Know What’s Up

We know it’s a bit late in the game to be discussing the January/February issue of Anthem, but we think it’s pertinent in light of the Tim Hates-The-Gays scandal. (And, also, we didn’t pick it up until a few days ago – what can we say? We’re hermits.) Anyway, the mag’s taking a new direction, embracing its glossiness and marching into the future. To celebrate the truly exciting time, they’ve dedicated an entire issue to the life of sport. Nice, huh?

As part of their athletic coverage, fashion editor Stephane Gaboue has a heart-to-heart with men’s cosmetic’s company Nickel’s founder Philippe Dumont, who, it seems, has fallen in love with French wrestling. Wrestling comes across as pretty gay – sweaty men in spandex romping around on the floor, pinning one another and what not – but Dumont tells Gaboue otherwise:

I think many of them might have tried a man once, but really, this sport is not about that. We spend so much time seeing ourselves names in the showers, that in the end you don’t really feel desire, because you know their body by heart. Desire is about distance, about you cannot have.

Maybe someone should get Hardaway a copy of this issue. If you can’t read, just look for the magazine with Justin Theroux. Although, if you can’t read, you’re not reading this, so nevermind.

In case you’re wondering Gaboue’s original intention in chatting with Dumont – Nickel’s releasing a new product called Faux Cul: “a gel meant to give the male posterior the shape and consistency of a basketball”. Rest assured we’ll be stocking up to give our tush the pump up.