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Freshly out TV star gets real about his cruising past

Former Olympian and BBC presenter Mark Foster recently came out as gay in an interview with Winq.

The athlete — a former Team GB swimmer who set eight world records — managed to keep his sexuality a secret for over three decades.

Now, the television personality says he wants to live life more “authentically.”

He also addressed reports that first appeared in British tabloid The Sun that when he was closeted, he was caught perusing the wares of a well-known gay cruising spot.

“I think they were trying to say that I’m gay and I was cruising… They said lots of things, but they didn’t say anything, as in, he was getting out of the car for two minutes, he went in, then came out, or he didn’t even get out of the car.

They did say that there’s gay sex here, there’s dogging here, I think there was lots of things.”

He added:

“It was a little bit of a bomb going off , in terms of, ‘How do I respond to this?’ I didn’t know what to do, I was floundering.”

The reports, he said, were false.

But that doesn’t mean he’s never cruised, either:

“No, on that occasion, no. I’m no bloody angel and I’m not about to deny that I have in the past. But on those occasions, no.”

You can find the full issue of Winq here.

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  • startenout

    I appreciate his candor and wish him the best in living his authentic life. Oh and he’s HOT! lol

  • broadshoulder

    Hampstead Heath was it Mark? Grabs coat and heads up there?

    • Knight

      LOL…oh, Hampstead is far too posh for the likes of me. I’m afraid I’m for Clampham common :-)

  • ptb2014

    Once again it was one of the best known secrets about this gorgeous man. Mark has had to put up with a lot, and his decision to stay in the closet was chiefly due to his youth training programme which could have been scuppered by the incorrect right wing media saying a gay man is dangerous around young boys. Absolute nonsense of course as the vast majority of pedophiles are heterosexual. But Mark, like so many others, was terrified that the lying Murdoch/Dacre army would destroy his hard work. His extremely valuable hard work teaching kids to swim and how to save themselves in water.

  • jordan35

    I for one am glad he can finally live the life he deserves! Why the press are always trying to out celebrities who are gay is beyond me! It’s no ones business what a person does in their private life.
    He’s a decent genuine guy who has done loads for young people and that is what the press should be reporting not that he likes the company of men and does what is human nature….HAVE SEX.

    • stevetalbert

      Is it a link to rentboy.com??? Or just regular organ donor?!

  • Knight

    So…he’s a gay swimmer, who spends his entire time in a speedo surrounded by other guys in speedos…and no one noticed he was gay? Doesn’t say much about his package…

    • BCbreeze


  • Rex Huskey

    so??? is there news here somewhere?

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