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Friday Forum: Be a Yenta to Lindsay Lohan

It’s that time of the week, when Queerty takes a break from the opinion-making and puts you, the readers, in charge. Each Friday, we invite you to be the pundit on a hot-button question facing the LGBT community and its allies. As always, we expect people to be respectful and considerate of others by refraining from personal attacks. We present the information, you make the decision.

wi_ronson_070531_msIf you watched Lindsay Lohan’s interview about her break-up with DJ Sam Ronson with Ellen yesterday, you learned some very important things.

1. Ellen Degeneres is the lesbian version of Larry King when it comes to break-ups. She’s usually so sweet and nice, but when it comes to making LiLo squirm, America’s Favorite Lesbian can’t help but tear into America’s Favorite Trainwreck.

2. Poor Lindsay Lohan was dumped and nobody but her good friend, The Media, had the grace to actually tell her she had booked a one-way ticket to Splittsville.

3. When Lindsay Lohan answers Ellen’s question about why Ronson may have a restraining order against her, her response is the sort of coke-fueled, manic crazy-person response that explains exactly why someone might want to, you know, stay far far away from you.

But, things are looking up for Lindsay. She seems to be less of a hurricane than she was a few years ago and rumor has it, she may be headlining “Peepshow”, a semi-nude show at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood, replacing the show’s current star, Mel B.

So, even though Lindsay’s been dumped, there’s still hope– we think. It seems unfair however, that Ellen alone gets to be Lindsay’s gay yenta. Our loyal Queerty readers always have advice for us (mainly specific details on the sorts of objects we could be shoving and where we ought to be shoving them), so why not spread the love and tell us what Lindsay Lohan should do for an Act II? Should she try to win Sam back? What sort of break-up advice do you give a mega celebrity with a history of rampant self-destruction? Are celebrity break-ups all that different from regular people break-ups?

Also, ladies– we know you’re out there– is there any lesbian specific break-up advice you’d give LiLo? Should she move on, find a rebound (we want names!) or get crazy crazy revenge? Is she just going to go back to guys or is she going to chase down Sam and win her back? Who wants to bet that she’ll handle things quietly away from the public light? We put it to you: Lindsay Lohan’s been dumped. What should she do now?

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  • Anthony

    I’m in the same boat except I’m not a celebrity. I know its hard and all she wants to do is probably be with Samantha. That probably would comfort her. But like Ellen said she really needs to get out of the tabloids for a few years. She needs to go back to Long Island or whereever she is from. She can’t get better in Hollywood. Then when she is ready she will have to get back into acting and something serious not this labor pains movie coming out on abc family. I’m 20 so I understand she is turning to drugs and alcohol to solve her problems I’ve had my fair share of close calls w/ alcohol but she needs people around her to stop her and help her.


    Lohan said she plans to stay on her own for the time being.

    “I’m not looking to be with anyone right now,” Lohan said Thursday. “I don’t need to deal with that. It gets too distracting from everything that I need to focus on. Leaving town, you miss someone too much and you don’t want to go sometimes, but I really care about Samantha and we’ll see what happens. Maybe when we’re fully in the right place… I love her.”

  • faghag

    You’re late on this one, her and Sam are back on!

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    Why does Queerty like Lindsay Lohan??


  • burton21

    Oh honeys, why would you think lesbians would read this site? With the incessant parade of half-nude twinks and the intensive focus on gay male-specific issues, I think it’s safe to estimate that most of them have run far, far away.

  • BrianZ

    @burton21: That was my thought as well.

    As for Ms Lohan: Do you thing. I cannot imagine my early 20’s being documented for the world to see.

  • Alec


    I cannot imagine my early 20’s being documented for the world to see.

    Thank you. I think it is a pretty sad comment on American society, really. There was one celeb, I forget who, who basically said, with the paparazzi, these people are incapable of leading anything resembling a normal life. And the pressure must be intense, both for those who are the unwilling objects of media scrutiny and for those who are producing it to sate market demand.

  • faghag

    @burton21: I read it and I love Lindsay. so there…

  • burton21

    @faghag: One comment does not a Queerty following make. Just sayin’.

  • CreativeTide

    @burton21: How about two comments? ;)

    I’m a gay chick who hangs out on Queerty all the time. I read the articles, I lurk through the comments, and I’ve even been known to look at the pics of “half nude twinks”. Twinks are cute! I don’t want to *sleep* with them, but I can look can’t I? You guys look at supermodels and Britney and such…

    As for the articles being gay-male-specific issues, I really disagree. Most of the articles are about the LGBT community in general, or are at least something that can still be related to from a lesbian’s viewpoint. The odd article that just does not apply to me or my life at all (while rare), is still often an interesting read, and a good way to learn about another segment of my community, and again, offers opportunities to relate as human beings.

    And maybe two comments still doesn’t count in your book, but I had to at least give my viewpoint on the reasoning you used of *why* there wouldn’t be gals on this site! :D

  • CMYK

    CMYK is a lesbian who loves to look at twinks for haircut inspiration. So cute!

    As for Lindsay: All I can say is I hope she sues her therapist for malpractice.

  • TheWeyrd1

    Yes, there are a few of us lesbian types reading Queerty on occasion. As for Linds…well, she’s 22 and Sam is in her 30’s. Frankly it’s a life experience difference on top of all the other crap that might be part of the problem. Sometimes big age gaps work, but mostly they don’t. If the age difference was the only issue, maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal. But in this case it might be magnifying the other issues. I don’t know…it could also be the substance abuse…heh.

  • Helga Von Ornstein

    I put her in the same category as I do the banks. If you know failure is not an option but do not act accordingly then accept that failure is where your are and the consequences that go with it. I mean really if it were not for controversy what else is she good for??

  • louann

    The lesbian world is not like the L-word which your questions seem to propose.

  • perry

    i don’t know, i found them both pretty entertaining, actually, and sam ronson would be cute if she weren’t so brat-tastic. (and gained a few pounds)

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