Friends Don’t Let Mo Rocca Knit Drunk: America’s New Addictive Hobbies for Women + Homosexuals

Know what’s up there with being addicted to alcohol, smoking, and overeating? Knitting! What was once believed to be a way for grandmothers to complain about their arthritis is actually a dangerous vice more and more Americans are becoming addicted too. They are going on knitting benders. Researchers, we’re hearing, are about to announce they’ve discovered a brain center specifically developed to foster knitting prowess.

Heh. Mo Rocca, the newbie escort with the Meryl Streep fantasy, hosts a segment on knitting? That about says it all.

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  • Lola

    So when is Mo Rocca going to come out of the closet? It is well known in NYC that his gay and top to boot! Who would have thunk it???

  • REBELComx

    Yeah I’d have pictured him as a versatile bottom… or at least that’s how I DID picture him when I had a nerd crush on him in his early days on the Daily Show.

  • Lady Ga-Gasp

    Define “coming out?” The man it totally out. What are you guys talking about? What was disappointing about the story is that it didn’t speak to the fact that there really is a gay knitting fad out there. On the other hand, the broadcast did feature a long story about DADT. But Mo stuck with knitting and the ladies, and one kid.

  • Hyhybt

    @Lola: He’s in the closet?

  • Jeremy

    I have two words for that Felix kid: wedgie and home-school. His parents should not bring this kid to school, he gonna get his ass kicked!

  • jeffree

    My best advice: Do NOT try to knit while driving !!
    @Jeremy: I laughed at what u said! That kid needs some judo classes 4 sure…

  • Harpy

    @Jeremy and @Jeffree

    Sigh. Idiots.

    That Felix kid is adorable.

  • Dennis

    That was Franklin Habit in the group that gave Mo the sweater at the end – he’s hysterical and a great cartoonist – is his. Cute, gay & a knitter ;)

  • jeffree

    @Harpy: Nobody said he was not adorable. He may be bullied. Clearly u haven’t been on a school playground or in a lunchroom in decades if ever.

    Your namecalling is hateful. And the sure sign of idiocy in action.

  • Jeremy

    @Harpy: Eat a fucking bagel will ya? What a pussy, don’t even know how to take a fucking joke. Yeah, tell that to the bully who probably gonna shove some of his lunch to this Felix’s underwear. Whether you like it or not, this kid does not fit in his own world, and his schoolmate will ridicule him (even I hate to imagine that, trust me, I’ve got enough wedgie…)

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