“Friends” Set Man’s Pants On Fire For Being Gay, Not A Liar

Last month after a night of drinking, David Blair, 31, and Brandon Washington, 25, thought it’d be a hoot to pull a prank on their passed-out friend, Steven Iorio, 37. Only instead of drawing a penis on his face or putting his hand in warm water, they decided to douse him in Bacardi and set his pants on fire. Why? Because Iorio is gay.

According to WPXI:

Heidelberg, [PA,] police have charged Brandon Washington and David Blair with aggravated assault and ethnic intimidation. An eyewitness told investigators that the men poured a bottle of rum on Iorio and then lit him on fire while he was sleeping because he is gay. “They wrote disturbing things on his pants and drew on his face,” said Cook.

Thankfully Iorio survived, but with a second-degree burn, pain and mounting medical bills to remind him of the incident.

Now Washington and Blair Jr. are being charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and ethnic intimidation, which we guess is the closest thing they have to a hate-crime law in Heidelberg.


Source: WPXI and ChartiersValley.Patch.com via Unicorn Booty